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Friday, May 31, 2013

A Picnic with Hello Kitty

Hello all you adorable Kawaii Blush Fan's and Hello Kitty crazy Kittens!
Today is a nice warm and sunny day- I think I am sun burn! oh no!

Days like these are the best, working on the Kawaii Blush Blog and enjoying the nice weather,I was invited to a Local Lolita meet up but I can really go during the week (T^T) Never mind.They were thinking about a Picnic and that inspired me to do a post of a Hello Kitty themed Picnic. I love to go out for a drive and find a nice place to have fun at a picnic that I have made up before hand!
So much fun and a great way to spend time with you best Friends!

So it is only right I get started with some Kitty -tastic idea and products I have found on the internet and from my own experience as Tartan-san loves picnics!
You want to take plenty of Kawaii Foods with you to eat but you need to have something to eat off of.
You can find paper plates almost anywhere but Hello Kitty ones are the most Kawaii!

Such cute plates!
(^_^) These ones are made of paper so they can be recycled after use!
Don't want to leave Litter after your picnic!

Or why not pick plastic ones that you can take home and wash afterwords?
If you cant get Hello Kitty stuff,You can always use pink stuff and other Kawaii items too!
You can really make any picnic Kawaii and add Hello Kitty stuff with ease right?

Don't forget your napkins for all those cake crumbs!
If its very warm you will want to keep cool and hydrated! what better way than with this Hello Kitty Water Bottle.

or a Flask for a warm cup of sweet Tea.

Of course you will need something to pack all of your stuff in for taking with you.
This is just so cute!

I think its a toy but its still super cute even if it is!
I so what to make a Hello Kitty picnic know!

Till next time have a great weekend!

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