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Monday, May 13, 2013

Hello Kitty Doll House.

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's, I hope I find that you are all in good health and having a wonderful day.
I myself got a delightful parcel delivered today! It was so Big and Heavy! I spent a whole hour putting it together to create a master piece.
Remember My BJDs that I have that pose with the Hello Kitty furniture, that I have that is small enough for the Dolls?! Well that all comes from the Magazine I get every so many weeks.See more from my past Blog entry.
*Lots of Photos in this blog!!* 

The box it came in- Cute!

Any way, this was so tricky to put together it was all in pieces that slot in together and click in here and there.*sigh*No wonder I took over a hour to put it all together and boy was it stressful. Its over Half a meter high and has 6 Rooms to fill with the stuff I already have collected and still to get. I think it would be a okay size for the smaller kind of dolls to get through the door ways. (>.<)

so pretty in pink!

Opens up to 4 rooms.

Open the top for the last 2 top rooms!

The House is all in Pinks and whites, The door's, frames and windows are all cute looking and white,the rest of the house is in Pink shades and its got decorated walls and floors.Its very pretty! (^_^)v Its ever got White bricks on the conner of the walls that make it very cartoon like- I guess.
Its super Kawaii!
I have filled it with some of the stuff I already have, so you can see what its like and the details of every thing Hello Kitty- Hehe.
Also I got my own Doll's posing for you too, Kawaii!

It looks so empty but so kawaii!

Mimmy in the Bedroom look at those cute perfume bottles on the dressing table!

Emse in the Dinning Room, so pretty. Everything is Hello Kitty - its crazy!

Kitchen stuff in the Kitchen, Look at the fridge, even the food has Hello Kitty on it and the pots!

Not much in the bathroom yet but even the rug has Hello Kitty on it!

These are some of the mini Wall photos you can stick onto the House too!

If only I had a real sofa like this, Right!?

Esme again! Look at the unit behind her with all the plates and the tiny glasses.

Mimmy,  again and this time you can see the wardrobe that has Kawaii Kitty designs on it too!

You can see the Fire place in this photo and small vases.

Know I cant not wait to finish collecting everything to make it very Hello Kitty! I wonder if I could make my House this cute. Waaah! I want to live in this house!? Can some one make me into a small doll so I could live in it?! Tehee!
Tartan- san

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