Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Kitty's from Sanrio

Hello Kawaii Blush Reader's and J-grab Fan's.
How are you all today, I hope you are have a great day what ever you are doing!
What Kitty-tastic stuff have you been up to then?
I have been looking around the Sanrio website to find you the newest looking plushes that you could add to your collections!
I do try my very best! Today I feel like some kind of Hello Kitty Hunter on the tracks to find you all the 

newest cutest Hello Kitty -uhuhuh- (>W<)

This is the new Ballerina style Plush !
Hello Kitty loves to dance , I think this looks like its been made out of a silky satin material , I love her elegant bow is so sweet and cute!

Check out this cute little bunny style outfit that Hello Kitty is wearing, Its a baby pink with cute white dots on some parts and look at how soft its looks! Kawaii!
(^_^)v Don't you just want to cuddle it so much?!

This is to be part of the summer Hello Kitty Plushes but I think she is cute I saw her when I was on my Hello Kitty adventure she looks so summery and reminds me of a Icecream outfit?!
Too cute! (^_^)v

This is the other Summer Plush from the summer collection I really like this kitty! soo cute!
Its like she is ready to go a nice walk along the beach!

This is the polka dot summer dress Plush - I have not seen many Hello Kitty plushes in white.She looks a little pale (o.O) But I love the pastel dots! Too adorable!

This Kitty as you can see stands out she is from the Big Bow collection! I love her so much I don't have a Kitty like her yet and its that big bow and her outfit that has captured my heart! 
Wahh! Love!
Oh Kitty I adore you so much, you are just so Super Kawaii!

Check out Hello Kitty Miss USA! Aww she is just a sweetie pie!
This is the Plush from the American Collection I think she looks great and so bright!
That is all for know on the Plushes that I have found.
Which ones to you like the best?! I am finding it so hard to pick which ones I like?!
I wonder which ones will come to the UK?

Tartan- san
(n.~)/ xxx

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