Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tartan's new Lolita Outfit

Hello my little Kawaii Blushies,
You are all just so cute! I have been working really hard on some videos, I want to share with you all hehe But am very so camera shy when it comes to filming, which why I do not talk in them very often.He-he.
So I finally got a classic looking outfit of Lolita. I got the Jsk (dress) Last month and its so cute, I had a bit of trouble matching it up to my other things but here is the dress in the packet.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Shopping, Disney and Hello Kitty!

Hey my Kawaii Blush Bunnies!
Wha! its been a while right! I have been so busy on other projects and trying to over come my shy-ness. I hope you did not think I forgot about you devoted Kawaii Blush fan's!

Its Easter weekend here and that means there is a crazy amount of chocolate eggs in my house (T^T) Damn there goes my diet! EEEP. So Because we don't want to end up with a ton of chocolate from my little one. We get her Easter gifts! And today that meant a trip to the Disney shop! (\^_^)/

Thursday, March 21, 2013

300K Likes Give -away!

Hello Kawaii Blush and (J-grab Fans!).

If you follow me on the J-Grab Page we wanted to spoil you all once again for all the support that you show us by liking and sharing our page!
I Love your comments and messages! They make me so happy and we all love Hello Kitty.

So we wanted to do Give away with you to say ''THANK YOU!''/ Arigatō!.
With your help we have reach over 300K Likes!! WHOAAA!!!
( ^_^ ) <3

So Here is a Hello Kitty Give-away and a  chance to win a Hello Kitty Gradation Light Pink Nail Set by Hello Kitty!
Kawaii Ne!!

This time there will be 2 Winners that will be drawn and announced on April the 1st (2013) and this Give away is open you all of you J-Grab Fan page Fans/Kawaii Blush Fans all over the World!!!!How Great is that!! 
Are you excited? (^V^) Would you like to see the Prize?
But of course you do!

How cute is this Light pink Nail polish? Its so Pretty and sparkly!

How to Enter-
Go to our Facebook page.
1- Upload a Cute photo of  your Hello Kitty Things and Share it on Public so I can see them all to the J-Grab Page.
2- Go to Tartan-sans Page ''Tartan Kawaii'' and Like the page and Leave a comment on the page.

Easy as that!
On top of this Great give-away, I have decided that I will be making a Skype account ! That way I can chat with you all on Skype- Currently my Web cam is not working but when I do get a new one and that I may even be able to make new Hang outs on G+ with you all but for that you must become a follower on the Blog with Google + to then Hang out with me!
Look out for the Event on our Facebook Fan Page!
J-Grab Fan Page Link
Great, Right!!

I love tote bags

Oh Hi-there Kawaii Blush fans!
So I was tiding up my room and came across some of my tote bags. I forgot that I had a few, Some are Gothic fairies on them or symbols,But it was the Hello Kitty ones I was happy to see again. Cause I am at home looking after my daughter. I often have to go out and get things from yummy snacks and such. I like to take my own bag rather than use those plastic ones.(-_-') They always tend to brake or snap with I use the plastic ones! ( Its so embarrassing when the bag rips and all my things fall out on the path!). 
The best thing is you can re-use them over and over again- it save  using plastic bags that can harm the environment (T^T).

Monday, March 18, 2013

My newest Hello Kitty's with supirse Video

Heyy Kawaii Blush Fans!
How are you all, Did you have a great weekend?! I Hope you all did.
I went shopping with my little family and went out to a cute cafe that make these yummy pancakes ,they were soo yummy, What do you get up too?
(^_^) So I have some new Hello Kitty Plushs I got in the post last week. -Yay-
So I got my hands on this (ty) Hello Kitty who is super cute in this detailed pattern dress.She matches the other Kitty in the London Print that I got. 

She is a Liberty City  x Hello Kitty Collaboration, I have her in a 15 cm tall Plush and as a Key chain too.
How cute is the print on her Dress and Bow?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blogovin with Kawaii Blush!

Hello My cute Kawaii Blush fans,I have just set up a other way for you all to follow me its via Bloglovin.
I have been setting up a few things and coming up with some ideas but yea (^_^)v
sorry for such a short entry hehe!

Dont worry though I have lots of things to tell you all real soon.I just got to type it all out so till then here is a kawaii Kitty Image for you all.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Hello Kitty and Lolita

Hello Kawaii Blush Sweeties,  I hope you are all good and well. What new Hello Kitty's Have you been buying to day? Its hard work keeping up with  my collection and wish lists. More so when I also love kawaii Clothing. I think Dressing up in Lolita is not only fun but cute as well!
Do you like to follow a fashion or trend?Are any of you Lolitas too? I would love to know if any of you are.
So am sure you have seen photos of me in my Lolita outfits once or twice but am still learning about the fashion and the different styles. I love Japanese Fashion and trends so much! why cant they be more of it here in the UK?! 
Any way we all know that Hello Kitty loves to dress up but I dont see much of her in Lolita, I for one would love to see her in Kawaii Lolita outfits too,I think they would look adorable!
This what I found on the internet, Not very much may I add.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Get better soon with Hello Kitty

Hello my Kawaii Blush fan's!
Hi Hi - I hope every one is well and loving the Blog.

I've not been to well (T^T) 

Which is very annoying because I love talking to you all with my Blog, Hai! Your love for Cute and Hello Kitty makes me Smile with the J-Grab Fan Page.
I do not get much time to rest when am unwell but there is nothing worse when you feel awful.
But I try my best to keep cute and happy.
So I like to surround myself with the things I love, Likes of Hello Kitty, soft toy's, ect I even try to put a bit of make up one just so I can feel a bit better and not look like am some sort of Zombie.  (¬º-°)¬ ... I also like to do my nails and try to cheer myself up.
What do you all do to when you are feeling poorly?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am Hello Kitty Hai~

Hello Kawaii Blush Cuties ! I hope I find you are all doing well!
I have been so busy with my project and I have finally got some Kawaii Photos or it and today my white wig came in the post- Yay! (>w<)
With working on this project its made me want to wear more Lolita and I went and ordered a new Dress its a lush shade of red and has lots of flowers on it.
I also bought a new long wavy wig that I love. It's so Pretty! (^_^) Hai!
I wonder if any of you want to see more about my styles? It would be so much fun.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Hello KittyYummy Biscuits !

Hello My Kawaii Blush Sweet-hearts!

How are you today, I had a crazy weekend of things just going wrong! 
Oh not to forget about the crazy snow fall  or should I say Blizzard that came on as well.
I was left with no Heating Lights or Water. (Not Handy at all!!).*sighs*
Any way to keep me from stressing out from all the chaos.
I thought it would be cool to do a post on some Cute Hello Kitty snacks that can be easily made at Home and If you guys love it that I can post a few more of my baking recipes that I like to do at home myself.
Do any one else like to Bake? 
Its very fun and its nice to see the smiles when you give them to friends and family too.
Not forgetting how yummy and nice they are to eat!

I made these adorable Biscuits and got it from the Hello Kitty Magazine I collected but I added a extra something to mine to make them really yummy!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Everything is just Bow-tastic

Hello Kawaii Blush cuties!
How are you all, Have you been up to anything interesting or any news to share with me like any new Kitty's added to your collections? (^_^)
So I was looking for some items on the internet and one happened to be bows that look a lot like Hello Kitty's Bow! As am working on a project as a Cosplay of Hello Kitty but with a twist of Lolita inspired into the outfit. I can not wait to finish the project and put it all together for you all!
Not every outfit of Kitty's has to have a bow ^_^

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hello Kitty Nail Art

Hello Kawaii Blush and J-Grab Fan's.
How are you all?
I thought I would bring you some Kawaii nail art, but of course with a touch of Hello Kitty!
Do you all like doing your nails or even getting them done at a salon?
I quite like to wear fake nails more so any cute decorative ones that you can get- They are just so pretty and princess like.

I wish I knew how to do nails likes these ones!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

At Home with Hello Kitty

Hello Cuties!
I hope you all are enjoying the Kawaii Blush Blog!
So some of my dear Facebook friends let me in on a new magazine that's so Kawaii that I had to share it with you all.

Its a New Hello Kitty Magazine that you collect each week to help build a Hello Kitty themed dolls house.
I have bought 2 issues so far and quite pleased with it. The sizes of the items or furniture should I say .(^_^) They are a good size,great for young girls and adults who love to rekindle their childhood and add to a Hello Kitty collection.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Interview with Tartan Kawaii

Hello Kawaii Blush fans!
I got a Super Treat for you all! The Darling Suzy- A friend in the online Kawaii and Lolita community of mine has been a complete Angel and did a small interview with me to share with you all, We thought it would be a great way for you all to get to know me as a person.
So are you already to step into the world of Tartan-san?
Lets go! Ikimasho!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hello Kitty Lolita -Cosplay

Hello Kawaii Blushies!
How are you all today? I'm having a busy week. So I have this year slowly been working on a cute Idea/ Project as I am in hope to attend a few events and conventions and wanted to have a bit of fun with a outfit.
I decided that it would be super fun to Cosplay as Hello Kitty herself with a hint of lolita fashion.( one of my fashions I really like.)

So I took one of Hello Kitty's images with a outfit that others would recognise who the Cosplay was of.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Make-Up Magic

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's.
After posting about my new Hello Kitty make up. I wanted to see if I could find some cute Make up ideas for you all. Ever some Hello Kitty inspired Make up looks.
I love to play with make up, try new styles and ideas.
I find I like to try Gyaru inspired looks or Lolita like doll looks.What Make up style do you like?
What's your favourite thing in your make up bag? I think I would say it has to be a fake eyelashes and eye-liner!

Oh am also working on a side project at the moment. I have been hunting high and low and I only need one more item to finish off my project (n.~) I think you guys are going to love it. Its a Outfit but am not saying any more that that. I think I may need some of these Make-up ideas for it though... (o_o)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Give away Winners!

To every one of you Kawaii J-Grab Fans,Thank you so much for coming to the Blog to find out the secret codes and posting them up on the raffle-copter give-away!

We do have some Winners!Are you ready?

Are you excited as I am!!?!*Sqeee!*
Drum roll please....the Winners are as follows...

Entry #61 Jasmin A.
Entry #20 Vianey G.
Entry #8 Roxy B.

WELL DONE! You have won the following prize.

Please contact us so we can send out your prize!

Again Thank you all so much for taking part, if you didn't win don't worry though.
The more Likes for the J-Grab Facebook fan page the more give-away's we can hold for you all!  
The more views and Blog followers the more you can keep up with updates too!
You guys are just all so Cute and adorable!

Spring time Cute Hello Kitty

Hi-Hi Kawaii Blush Fan's.
Yay its almost the weekend! 
Do you have anything planned?
I have some family up to visit- I wonder what they will think of my growing Hello Kitty collection...
( -_-' )
The other day was a nice sunny day and in the post finally I got my ordered Kitty - there was a mistake in my order and they sent me the wrong kitty ( ; ~ ; ).
Any how they corrected my order and I got the right one,She is really cute.