Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kawaii Kawaii Kitty!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's 
OH MY KAWAII (T^T) The ultimate draw back of being up here in the middle of no where in Scotland... is the fact getting hold of kawaii Hello Kitty's can be the biggest task ever ,that  and getting kitty's I don't already have! Its not fair and so sad I want to have such pretty shiny kawaii Kitty's like the ones I saw that are in the USA, The USA supplier don't ship to the UK.
(My heart has broken!)

So Even though I cant get my own hands on these, I hope you guys will be able to. (am so sad!)
These Kitty's are just so Kawaii and very Harajuku like in Style
They also look so crazy with the colours and design. Oh woow I love them all so much. They all have names too.
We have...
Keiko , I love these great looking Glasses!

Yui , Looks so sweet and adorable with a side pony tail.

Namie ,so sweet and kawaii with such pretty pink hair and style

Aya , has a great and cool looking outfit.

Mika. is so bright and stylish!

I Love Mika and Namie the best I love the outfits they have one and how one is in pastel and the other is bright. They are just so cute and these bright designs match with the last post I put up here!
Maybe I will just have to buy a bag as I have found them in the UK but no Plushes as of yet *sobs*.There is  a secret part of me hoping they will have them to buy soon!
But I have seen a other bag that I want which is a Toki Doki one. But yea... 
Hmm It hard being a devoted Hello Kitty Fan, Maybe I should just run away Hello Kitty Land (Puroland.)
Do you like these styles of Hello Kitty?
Which one would you have if you could pick any one if you could?!
I would have them all if it was possible!
(n.n) <3

Tartan- san

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