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Kawaii Blush

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tartan's new Lolita Outfit

Hello my little Kawaii Blushies,
You are all just so cute! I have been working really hard on some videos, I want to share with you all hehe But am very so camera shy when it comes to filming, which why I do not talk in them very often.He-he.
So I finally got a classic looking outfit of Lolita. I got the Jsk (dress) Last month and its so cute, I had a bit of trouble matching it up to my other things but here is the dress in the packet.

I really liked the dress when I saw it on a other Lolita/Blogger and saw that it was much nicer on than on the website.
So I had to go and order it!

My first time of wearing it, I wore my black wig and used burnt red tights.
You can see from the print its very much about bows and flowers.
Its so pretty *(^_^)*.
So since it was the weekend - A time where I get to dress up with out worrying about the times it takes to dress up ect. I tried a other wig,which I think made the outfit a bit brighter looking!
What do you all think?

I added a lot more white to the outfit also can you see one of my new kitty's that I got?! She is so cute I thought she would match in with my outfit hehe! I submitted some photos to where I got my wig and hope they will show it on their customer show case! 
So I wanted to really show off my outfit and thought the best way would be to film it.
So again am very shy and don't talk, but I really don't need to cause your all looking at my pretty dress.

I always feel like some magical super cute hero when I change into Lolita outfits hehe
Like a magical transformation, Super, Kawaii, Tartan san!
***So here is the link Tartan Lolita Outfit Video!***

I hope you all like it am sorry its not the best film or that interesting!
I will try and make better ones I promise.
But if any of you want to know anything about my videos or my style please dont be shy !
Just ask me you are all welcome to leave me messages and comments here or on the fan page.
Tartan- san.

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