Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hello Kitty pets!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's and Kitty Lover's. How are you all today?
I did a post about Cats dressing up as Hello Kitty, But I think I found some really kitty- kawaii stuff for you all to check out he-he (*^_^*) I soon found out that you can get tons of Hello Kitty items for your dearly loved pets too!
How Kitty-tastic is that right?! 

I bet every wannabe Cat wants to be just as kawaii as Hello Kitty!
Did you know that Hello Kitty has her own pet cat too? Her name is 'Charmmy' who looks so sweet.

There is no other way to share your pets love for Hello Kitty by getting it Hello Kitty things just for it! The list is endless so here is a few things I found lurking on the internet. I wonder if my boy Leo cat would wear a pink collar?! Nah don't think he would.(>.<) I think the other neighbour-hood cats would make fun of him hehe!

Let your pets curl up and sleep with Hello Kitty dreams in this pet bed.

Or add some sparkles.
Maybe to many sparkles for this pets's bed?! Fit for a princess.

Time for walkie's with this pink and cute dog lead.

Travel in style with your pets when taking them to the vets for their check ups! How cute it this?!

Even dogs are wanting to be just like Hello Kitty by dressing up and looking adorable!

Very pretty and stunning Animal dish bowls! They look so posh. Right?

Wow even...Hello Kitty Dog Biscuits... WHAT! (*0*)

Even the animal collars are so sweet!
Wow is this just all crazy but cool at the same time. I can believe that you could easily buy way to much of this stuff and maybe even go a bit crazy like a new collar for each day of the week! Oh but its ever so cute and sweet I bet any pet would love to have such kawaii things right!


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