Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let Kitty take care of your phone!

Hello Everyone! How are my Kawaii Blush Fans today? Are you ready for some Kawaii items that will not  only make your phone look cute, but also keep it cute when you put it to one side when you are not using it!
KAWAII! (^_^)v What a cute idea right? I would love to add theses to my phone! My phone is so dull- it only has a case Hello Kitty cover.

I love these dust plug accessories for phones they are just so cute to use and so easy to change them over to give your phone a new look when ever you want (>.<) Kawaii!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Maid Haul

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Hello Kitty lovers.
I  have a new Haul of Hello Kitty themed goodies, I adore the idea of Hello Kitty being a maid she looks so cute in a maid outfit and I think pink cosplay maid outfits are adorable!
I hope to put together a Hello Kitty maid outfit together for a upcoming MCM event in Scotland later this year but I don't want to give to many details away hehe!
But since thinking of this and my found-ness of wearing aprons and pinnys while doing house work or serving tea and cakes to avoid getting my tops and dresses dirty hehe! I caved in and got some Pinny's from a shop called Harrods.

I got them via a Ebay seller who will go to Harrods for you and then you pay them to get the stuff and send it to you! (^_^)v cool right?! There is many kinds of Shopping services like this around the world just like what We do at J-Grab!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tartans top Picks

Hello Kawaii Blush fans! How are you all today? Have you entered in for our give-away yet? Don't forget your chance to win some Kitty-tastic goodies! We love getting your entry's in- Kawaii (^_^) Yay and have any of you tried our App called ''Kitty Kraze''?! We would love your feed back and reviews!
This week am going to show you my top kawaii picks from Sanrio- yay! this is so much fun hehe!
This weeks top picks are not just Hello Kitty either, we have other sanrio friends of hers to join in the fun! Kawaii! \(^_^)/

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tick Tock Kitty!

Hello Kawaii blush fans and kitty craze lovers!I hope you are doing something nice and kitty-tastic, Did you enjoy my last post of the kawaii musical wonderland Kitty post that is just so colourful and cute,Am yet to find one of those Plushes for myself yet!
However I have come across a bunch of brand new shiny looking Watches by Sanrio online and they are very pretty ones indeed.I really can no wait to show these stunning watches with cute Hello Kitty designs and styles!(^_^)v Yay Teehee!

This is one of the mature looking watches with a simple  design but in the face its pink and has tiny pattern of Hello Kitty's Face and her bow!

 This is a square shaped face watch with a two tone bracelet,its very mature for us older fan's and instead of numbers it has hearts inside the face,with Hello Kitty in the middle! Too cute!

Here is a baby pink watch cicrle shaped watch with looks so trendy and cute, with lots of detail within the face with lots of little bows and with a 3d effect of pink cute-ness 
 I think this is so sweet and princess looking! Check out those sparkles on the watch too!

This is a super cool looking white watch with the same style as the one before there seems to be lots of colour inside the face of the watch and has those cute sparkly gems around the face too! I love this cool style , Its very funky looking too!

Here is a other stunning looking watch with has a leather style fitting and the 
 face has lots more detail- I think it is cause its very big in side and has the ''time'' in a small section of the face, this makes this look more decorated looking,It has a elegant looking colour way of pink and black with a darling Hello Kitty in the design too! Wow \(^0^)/

There is even a pink and Rose themed style too- aww its so cute!

This white one looks so charming , I really cant pick as they look oh so lovely and enchanting! I wish I could try them all on and see what they look like up front and to the real eye! I bet they are just beautiful! 
Which ones do you like the best?

Till next time!


Monday, July 22, 2013

My Dream Hello Kitty!

Hello every one! How are you darling Kawaii Blush fans today!? I really hope you are all well and having a wonderful day!
So over in San Diego was a comic convention, This convention had the back up and support from Sanrio, They created many new things for Hello Kitty and this Convention, I didn't know about this convention and had no hope of a ticket or let alone getting to the USA. The ties of being a mummy!
Any way I have been watching all the up-dates and information coming from the internet, following the companies that are helping out and or taking part and am so sad am missing out. Because of the whole Hello Kitty stalls and events!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Kawaii Blush Kitty Craze

Hello Kawaii Blush Fans and J-Grab kitty lovers, We have got something for you all!
Yay its brand new! It is our very own Hello Kitty App, Making global shopping much more easier for your use for finding Hello Kitty products and collections! Hai hai!
We even picked a very pretty and cute name for our new App ''Kitty Craze.'' What a Kawaii name,And its got the cutest logos as well! (^0^) The colours are all so cute in pink and white its so pretty and easy to find what you are looking for! 

So, What are you all waiting for? check out our cute download here with this link! Have fun and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tartan's Birthday

Hello Kawaii Blush buddies and cutie pies! 
I hope you are all feeling cute and wonderful and Hello to any of our new followers and liker's. Have you been doing anything nice of late?! I have been so busy and enjoying the nice summer weather! 

But that will not stop me checking out all the Hello Kitty goodies that are out there for you so please look out for new posts!

(^_^)v I do want to show you me new Hello Kitty plush dolls that I have got in the post- am still waiting on so many to come!As it was my birthday last week! 

"Happy Birthday Tartan-san.''
Would you like to see them? I bet you guys already have theses ones! (^_^;)

Some Old style looking Hello Kitty's.

Cute right? I love the 35th Anniversary Kitty's. They are my most liked colours pink and purple!
Would you like to what else I got for my birthday?

I got the last of the collection of 2 more Hello Kitty momiji dolls!

Lots of Japanese Candy! yummmy yummy! (nom noms)

Indoor Hello Kitty shoes/slippers! Kawaii! theses are so comfortable and nice to wear with and with out socks on.

This was a gift that I got too, its a sleepy Hello Kitty, teehee soo cute! I like to keep her on my bed, so it is like she is sleeping all the time (Giggles)

This box here came from one of my Hello Kitty friends- WOW I was so shocked at all these goodies! I've been wearing the earrings and the top that was in this parcel!
I also go a bit of Cake, in fact it was 2 cakes!
My family got me one hehe and so did my mother! Aww so sweet of them, I got lots Cards and Letters form all my pen pals and each of them was so sweet to send me birthday wishes!
I also got some extra birthday money to spend which I went and bought some more plush Kitty's and 2 summer cute dresses! I had a lovely day!I got lots of new blog posts coming really soon so do not forget to follow the blog to keep up with the best and most Hello Kitty Kawaii blog!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer Ty Hello Kitty's New 2013

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's, How are you all, Have you been up to anything nice or made any Kitty-tastic plans?
Have you bought any new Hello Kitty things?! It can be so hard to keep up with all the new released items.
I  have some images of the new TY brand X Sanrio Hello Kitty beanies! (^_^)v
They are so cute I cant wait to let you see these! As far as am aware some are already out and ready for buying !
Kawaii!! So lets have a little look at these cute Kitty's! Yay!

This is the Ice cream Hello Kitty I love her cute pink dress that has colourful sprinkles on her dress and bow and look at the tiny and yummy looking Ice cream that is in her hands/Paws. owo I think she is so sweet that I could eat her up!

The other Kitty is a pretty sea mystical magical mermaid.She looks so enchanting and cute with a foil shiny scale like tail and bow and a pastel dye body!  She looks a little odd but so cute! Hai! I think that's why I like her so much!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lots of Neon Colours!

Hello Kitty Kawaii Blush Fan's How are you all today?Did you all have a nice weekend?
I have had a lovely weekend enjoying the summer weather its been soo hot hot hot!
 Remember  last month I showed you a few new products from Sanrio that are in the Neon colour range,They were very cute and bright looking? Well I have found more items added to that range yay!
I bet you want to see them.
They looks so cool  Waahh I want it all!!!
I love the fact it is all on a black background making Hello Kitty and the Neon colours stand out like magic!

This Lunch bag is so cute (^_^) It looks like a great size for pacing a yummy lunch! *nom nom nom* Looks so stylish and Kitty-tastic!

How sweet is Kitty looking with a cute and colourful outfit?! I love the Star on her foot!  Heehee!

There is a few styles of back packs to pick form I the full body of cute  hello kitty is the one I think is adorable . right?!

Loving the Kawaii massager style bag- its just so sweet! Great for school and for shopping too!

There is a lot of stationary items too, but which one to pick - its just so hard to pick one item from all of this. *sobs* 

WAAH one pen but many colours to write in, so Kawaii!!

Lots of pens and crayons for Arty projects!

You can also get a matching folder to display all your home work or projects - maybe you will turn it into a dream folder and write down the goals and Kitty tastic dreams you all have!  What a great Idea!

Dont forget to buy a case holder/case for holding all your Hello Kitty supplies to!
They are so Adorable and full of Kitty goodness!
Which ones and products do you like the best?I really cant pick which ones I would want to have myself!
Till next time