Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instant Kitty Camera!

Helllo Kawaii blush fans and Hello Kitty Lovers , I hope you have all been keeping very well (^_^)v Have you gone back to school and been busy with studies and work. I have been oh so very busy that I have not been blogging here very much! I think this might be my last blog post for some time until I settle into my new house hai! Very Exciting!
But but today I wanted to show you something, its not new or anything but I wanted to share it because it is so cool!
It is a polaroid camera, but not just any old dull polaroid! No no! The Fuji Film Instax 25 mini. I have been wanting one for a while and love the idea of instant photos coming out right away to then decorate with doodles and cute stuffs hehe. I bought myself one as a treat and mine is a very white and cute one. I Love Love Love,  it so much.  Its also so much fun to use and very retro but the other thing is you can get the camera as..yes, you guessed it Hello Kitty ones!! So Lets, Go look at them!
1,2,3 Go!

This is a very cute one with the bright colours,Kawaii ne!

What about a yummy chocolate shade for your camera? 

This one is just like mine but all in white and Kitty, If I had known before I so would have ordered this one!!
Kyaaa cute!!

You can even get a matching Zoom Lenz for this! Adorable.

The pink shade and white is lovely also! Think this might be a older version.

You can even get it in a wide instax as well. 
Its not just the cameras that are cute check out the very cool and Kitty-tastic films that frames the photos that you take!

Are these not just adorable! You can even get princess ones, Rilakkuma ones and pattern films to make them different and even more Kawaii.
I will have to show you my own camera and some cute photos it takes, the come out so small and easy to put in a wallet or your pocket after. teehee!.

I hope you like my blog post and make sure to follow and like our J-grab Fan's page! I love to get all my sweet messages and your shared photos!

Till next time 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cute Kitty Kids!

Every one hello, How are you Kawaii Blush and Hello Kitty Lovers to day?! Sorry I have not posted much, Everything is still a bit crazy in the house of Tartan. Heehee!
Today I shall show you what I have found and I think all you Mommy and Papa Hello Kitty fans will like this one. Lots of very cute things for your little ones!
I found these on Sanrio, Very cute.
A range of sizes form aye 2-8 years old,from the Misha Lulu x Hello Kitty Designer Range 

A very cute looking long sleeves T-shirt, will be great for seasons for Fall this year!
Nyan cute T-shirt of Hello Kitty eating something yummy!
Even says ''Yummy'' on it!

Look at this cool oufit, Kawaii ne!A lovely blue cosy jumper Why is this not for adults and teens?huh huh 
 Not fair is it?! But I bet all the little Kitty Fans will love these trendy outfits and styles.

Such a bright looking top! Its got Hello Kitty roller skating across it as well far to cute looking! 
Aww I love seeing my own Daughter in Hello Kitty it makes them look so cute teehee.

Also this is the matching Hello Kitty Skirt which goes with the long sleeve top they match so well, Aww so cool and stylish.There is some new stuff over at J-Grab shop  with lots of fashion items too so check out our stuff, If you have any spending money left over you should treat yourself to more Hello Kitty, Hai 
Am Gona be busy again over the  weekend and then next week I shall be boxing up more of my belongings and then am off on vacation YAY! So please keep posting to J-Grab fan page I will try and check lots of times to reply back to you all, Where it is not very Kawaii so I will try my hardest to find something Kitty  and Kawaii okay hehe!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Pretty looking Kitty!

Hello Kawaii blush Fans and Hello Kitty lovers, How are you all today , have you had a lovely weekend? My weekend was okay I got my hair cut short again as I wish not to worry about it. See Am going to be more absent from Kawaii Blush as I am going on vacation and then moving house..eeek! So I will have to neglect you all for a bit. I hope I can make it up to you all when I return back am not sure when but it could be about a month or soo 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。.
How ever today I want to show you the newest looking Bracelets that I have found that are utterly stunning! 

They are ever so pretty and so so cute!

This is the black one , it looks very posh looking with  colour and so many sparkles on it too, I love the effect of the ribbon shaped like roses or some kind of flowers all around it. Too Cute ne!


It also comes in a very pretty pink and looks so girly, Fit for any of you princess like Kitty fans. Its just so pretty looking...Such a darling item. However its not just a stunning bracelet if you undo the face of Hello Kitty you will find a kawaii super surprise! 

Kyaaa! Kawaii its an adorable watch hidden under Kitty-chan! What a cute idea
I love this idea very clever! Which one do you like the best the pink or the black one?
Am also looking forward to next weekend as am attending a MCM Comic con event I hope to look for lots of Hello Kitty items for you all hai! I cant wait to put the last of my outfit together as am dressing as Hello Kitty teehee!! This should be a lot of fun as well. I hope to take lots of photos to show you all once I upload them and have been to the event.
Enjoy the rest of you your week every one!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tartan top picks!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's! How are you all today, I hope you are all very well and been busy with lots of nice things to do. Any of you got any new Hello Kitty stuff lately? Well maybe you will like my top picks of new Hello Kitty things from Sanrio. They have some really cute items and products,Its really hard to pick the ones I think are the best and most Kawaii. 

One item is this really cute back pack ,Great for school or for a sleep over its just so cute! It's got miss kitty on it waving, from what looks a lot like a very pink and cute Bus along with her friends.

Very sweet looking bag!
Talking of bags my next Top pick would be this lovely mature looking bag in a shoulder style with a big blue bow is this cute bag here.

Its so sweet looking with its white spots and blue quilted fabric.Very pretty 

The other product I have picked as a top pick is this item here,

Am not talking about the very cuddly looking plush teddys of Hello Kitty but the storage box, its a great place all your cute Kittys and kitty items! Not only that the fabric  and outside of the box has lots of details and images of Hello kitty on it! Sqweee, too cute. Perfect for any one who already has a Kitty themed room. Teehee! 
And Last but not least from my top picks! Would have to be this!

A very cute looking Sleepy Hello Kitty, I think she is a pillow style Kitty from the 'Cool' Range that features a Sweet looking Pastel blue Bird friend of Kitty's! She looks so cute together. N'aww I 
just want to give them a snuggle they are adorable. Kawaii ne?!
 I guess the plush will be the one I favour the most, That and the really cool storage boxes! What items do you like the best?!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for a Coffee or Tea?

Good morning Kawaii Blush fans,Today I hope you are all well and keeping Kitty cute!
I love to start the morning with a nice cup of Tea to help wake me up to take on a new day of discovering new kawaii things. As well as  Hello Kitty stuff !! 
I like to have milk and 2 sugars in my tea because I love sweet things!  I do like Green tea and other Healthy herbal drinks like peppermint ones. so yummy ne!
I saw these items pop up on the sanrio website and I like the busy day print its just so cute and they have
 added Hello Kitty's other friends to the prints.I love these Mugs to hold my own warm drinks they are so cute! I think these would make you smile every time you  make a nice drink.


The colours are so bright and cheerful. I love this Hello Kitty Mug, I like how Hello Kitty is very retro looking in style.

This is other mug has My Melody on it,I really like My Melody she is very sweet and cute,I like the pink colours of this mug, its to cute! 

The other mugs have the other characters from Sanrio likes of Tuxedo Sam  the cute little sweet heart penguin  the colours are so nice on his style and cup too.Pretty!! I just want to hug him!

This very very Green mug that looks like a spring time park is actually full of the adorable Sanrio character. 
   Kerokerokeropp is so cheerful looking,Right? 

And here is Badtz-Maru! He looks so cool and stylish, I also am a bit of a fan of him teeehee!
I think is her super cool spiky hair and the fact I also like Penguins. And his facial expressions are really funny looking and very cheeky too!!

Do you want one of these super cute mug's? I sure do! Way to cute not to get one of these. Teehee.
Which style do you like the best, I really can not pick between  My Melody and Hello Kitty, Its to hard to pick ne?!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitty Kanzashi Hair accessiores

 Hello Kawaii Blush and Hello Kitty lovers! 
Today is a good day the post man left me lots of post,The weather is a bit Gloomy,But that is okay.Because am feeling very inspired today and been decorating my Ideas Book,It has sections on it that are like book marks so I have added cute stickers to them cause they looked a bit boring teehee!Any how I got some thing very cute in the Post, from a talented lady who makes Kanzashi, Hair ornaments that Geiko and Maiko wear.(Geisha's), I love the traditional Japanese clothing I think it looks so pretty and kawaii, not forgetting very princess like and elegant!! 

Hello Kitty can be found wearing Kanzashi when she has a Kimono on sometimes ,I even have 2 which she has them instead of her bow!! Kawaii ne!!

How Pretty is Kitty? Waah! Cute ne!

Look as all these hair ornaments from bows to combs so pretty!!
So When I found out that the Lady who makes the ornaments in the UK and she had ordered a Hello Kitty Fabric I had to get myself one!
So here are some Photos of it, I hope you all Love it as much as me!!

Can you spot Hello Kitty hiding in the Fabric?

Here is a close up photo can you see her know? Its so Pretty!

As you can see I have treated myself to a few of these hair ornaments. They are all so pretty and hand made too- kawaii!
Here is where I got them! Online shop link.

I wonder if any of the J-Grab fans have made anything with Hello Kitty on it? I would love to see, or do you have anything that is rare or different in your hello kitty collections? Remember I love to
 get messages, photos and chat from all of you because you are all Kitty tastic and big Kitty fans too!
Tartan san