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Kawaii Blush

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Kawaii Cars!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's and Hello Kitty crazy cuties!
How are you all today then? I hope you are all Kitty-tastic and staying kawaii!
What are you all been up to? Any thing nice? (^_^)v Its a really  nice day here today I hope I can get out for a nice walk or even a nice drive, but I wonder if my ride is cute enough?
I was looking at some really cute cars the other day but I don't anything will beat the most Kawaii Cars that are Hello Kitty Car's.

I don't drive myself but if I did..these would be my sorta car hehe!
What a Girl is allowed to dream right?

How Kawaii!

I love the red!

Ever so pretty!

Which Car's do you like that have been turned into Kitty tastic cars?
Wow these cars are just so cool and stylish, I bet you would get lots of Looks in a car like this but let not stop there, oh no (^_^) Lets look at really making these cars even more Kawaii with Car accessories!
Hai Hai! There is so much stuff that you can get too!
Let have a look!


Waah too cute!
I love this steering wheel cover!

How adorable and soft do these seat covers look- I love them! (^3^)
I love the print on them too!
Kawaii ne!

These can be put over seatbelt straps- what a great idea and a instant kawaii touch to any old car!

Look at all the stuff you can get if the inside of your cars. plus the the outside of the cars have such pretty Hello Kitty Designs but you could also go a extra mile and add these to your car too.

A Hello Kitty exhaust. 

Or why not pimp your wheels with these Hello Kitty Wheels! Waah so cute \(*0*)/
Or if you want to tone down why not add these to your number plate!

Do you have a Hello Kitty Dream car?
I'd love to see it!

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