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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Small fry Kitty!

Hello you cute Kawaii Blush fan's. How are you all doing today. Are you having a nice day!

When I went out on some shopping I found that the dress up Hello Kitty's from build a bear have got a smaller style of dress up soft toys. Only when I got home that I found out that they have been out for a while (>w<) oops! Any way I ended up buying one.

They are super cute.
You can get any sort of smaller build a bear teddy's- I of course got the Hello Kitty one! They are much smaller than a normal build a bear. (*0*)Kawaii! And you can get them in a range of colours too!
I also got my new kitty a outfit to wear and cute love heart shaped glasses.

She is just so tiny!
She has a flower instead of a bow and looks so stylish when dressed up too.

You can get other 'small fry' Kittys too not just in white!
Check out the range of sweet colours you can get Kitty in.

A cute pastel lavender and a snow outfit- so sweet!

A Bright Ruby Red Kitty looks adorable in that xmas style outfit!

A lovely pink and pretty Kitty too!

A cuddly sun kissed tiny kitty!
(^_^) So small and cute! Which colour do you like? or have you already started collecting all the different colours. I think the mini outfits that you can dress them up in are just so sweet and stylish.
Not only are these cute on their own they are great to add to your collection ,don't you
I have to admit that was not the only Kitty I bought that day...But more on that in the next blog post.
Also I may have 2 other Hello Kitty's on order! Oh dear where will I put all my Kitty's?!
Till next my next blog post
(^_^)v chuu!

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