Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Kawaii Kittys!!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's and Hello Kitty cuties?!
Hope you are all well! (^_^)v
Do you remember the post I did a while back about the Hello Kitty's Plushes that I found overseas and was so gutted that they were not in the UK at all..(T^T) So sad right!? I wanted them so bad I asked Friends of mine in Japan to search for them...but it seemed it was Sanrio was wanting to keep them from me...
My ninja Hello Kitty skills failed me. So Sad...
But then,
Yes, it was only last week I came across these beautiful bright coloured plushes on a supplier to the UK site. Am not willing to just going to give the name out (¬.¬) Do you know how heart broken I was when I thought I couldnt get to cuddle ones of these adorable Kawaii Kittys that look like she stepped out of Harajuku. I was gutted but! I didn't give up!

But yes I found them!!!!!
I screamed with excitement and was so happy to find them, I when ahead and ordered the 2 I thought were most Kawaii...I bought 2 from the Kawaii collection! YAY!
So Here are my adorbz Plushes from the collection!

My 2 girls Mika and Namei



They are just so bright and colourful!*LOVES*
Are these two not just so cute!
I love them so much! Can you Tell?
I loved them so much I may have already order 2 more from the collection leaving only one more left to get hold of but cause they are like £25 each...well you can do the Maths... (>.<)
huhuh I love this collaboration so much! I will get all of the plushes from this range they are so cool!
And to add to my Kawaii day I also got a great Phone call about winning a Prize Photo Shoot - Thanks to Meeting Hello Kitty last week, We entered the prize draw and woohoo we won!
So yeah Crazy Stuff!
I can not wait to show you the new Kittys too!!!

Tartan Kawaii!

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