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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kimono Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's. How are you all today, I hope the day is being good to you and that you are having lot's of fun. v(^_^)
I came across some stunning Hello Kitty's. I was actually looking up information on Kimonos and Wa-Lolita at the time and saved some pretty images that I liked from my searching of the internet and found them other day. I have been in love with the kimono since I was a little girl and would love to be dressed in a traditional kimono one day. How cool would that be? I heard they are very heavy to wear. (>w<)
I wanted to show you the kawaii Hello Kitty kimono images I found . I think they are so cute and pretty.

I bet you will like them too!

Even Hello Kitty has her very own Kimono's and she look so kawaii in them.

Why not look into adding a Hello Kitty Kimno to your collection of Kitty stuff.

Look at this cute and very pretty pink Yukata! Kawaii . I love the Hello Kitty Print all over this. 
Too cute!

They are just so pretty. If wearing a kimono is not your thing, or not practical at all. Then there are plenty of other Kimono inspired products with Hello Kitty on them. Hai!
I have 2 Plushes with Hello Kitty wearing a Kimono, just so cute. There are so many to be found on the internet too. I would cave in and buy them all. He he!

This one is so sweet with her flower pattern Kimono here and blushing too.
Oh your too cute Kitty!

Here is a very advanced and traditional looking style of a Kimono, With lots of detail form the print to the Obi belt and her pose.

There are no words for this kitty in a Kimono, She is so stunning and the amount of detail and quality of this looks, just, well, wow.
 Do you like Hello Kitty in a her Kimono outfits? Or do you want to have your own kitty Kimono too?
I think the Kitty's in Kimono's would be a great gift for some one who loves Japan and Kitty lots!

Here is a kawaii image of Kitty and her Twin sister Mimmy! How cute do they look together?

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