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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Holiday with Hello Kitty style!

Hello Kawaii Blush fans's and Hello Kitty Lover's!
I can not get over the fact that this year is already running away and every one seems to be talking about Holidays and Jetting off on the search for a nice time away. *sigh and dreams*
I was wondering if any of you have got any vacations or Holidays some time soon?!

I will be going away on holiday but not till later on in the year, But I want to go in Hello Kitty style when it comes to going on holiday. 

Well its only right when we are all Hello Kitty Fan's right! (*^_^*)
So I started having a look into Holiday accessories and such to see if Hello Kitty has got it covered with everything Kawaii!

So I thought about the things I take on Holiday and searched into the Hello Kitty version and Waaah! So much Kitty stuff!

A Kawaii Hello Kitty Weekend bag and can be used for hand luggage too.
Check out how cute they both so cute, how handy is it for taking this away for a day or 2 day's trip.


Or if you are going away for a little longer. Your are going to need a bigger case right?!
Some of these are just so cute!

I bet it would much  more fun strolling through the airports with these cute suitcase's and easy to spot your own case, right! (>_<)
Also I found these adorable and sweet Kitty Luggage tags!

How Kitty-tastic are these and you could use them for more than going on holiday too!
Also when your on your flight or in the car these neck pillows are so Kawaii!
I think I like the frist one the best, right?!
It's just so Cute!

I think its very possible with the help with Hello Kitty that you can travel very Kawaii and still have Hello Kitty around with you. *nod ,nods*
This stuff is just so cool right! So if your taking a holiday and or a trip for a few days, weeks Hello Kitty will make it much more fun and kawaii with no problems right!

So if you are going on Holiday are you going somewhere new?
I love to know what sort of Holidays you like the best!
Till next time! v(^_^)v

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