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Kawaii Blush

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dress up like Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's.
Hope you are all Kitty-tastic and doing well! Have you been up to anything interesting? And who has joined the 400K Give-away on the fan page!?
 You guys have sent in so many photo's- huhuh (n.n) You all sure do, love Hello Kitty!

I have some new Kittys due in the post am so excited to get them! (^_^) I really can't wait. I hope that I will get them at the weekend so I can show them all off for you!
I will also busy this sunday with my 5k Race, for charity too!

Eeek!  Thats like 3 miles and I have done no training what so ever! waaah! (T^T) How am I going to cope with a cold/flu too!?

Any way back to the post on Hello Kitty- I wanted to share the outfits I have found of others in Hello Kitty outfits and cosplays you all know I have dressed up as Hello Kitty!

But lets see the other outfits and costumes you can get and buy too! 
You can get some really colourful ones, bought ones, stylish ones and even hand make your own!
Have you made any Hello kitty costumes?
I bet you all looked super sweet in them!

This one is very cute and pink.

A lovely red style of dress costume!

This one is a lot like hello Kitty's outfit, right!?  Bet these would look great for a fancy dress party
You can even get cute ones for little fan's too. I think they look like they are princess's in these dresses , how cute!

There is even a dancing ballerina style one.

Oh and dont forget the babies fan's of Hello Kitty too! They even have costumes too!

Hehe, How cute! Which outfit do you like best, have you made your own one? Or want too.
Have you dressed up as Hello Kitty for a fancy dress party or just for fun?
Would you rather make your own outfit youself or just make it easy by buying a already made one.
What if you had no party to go to, Would you just wear your outfit anyway?


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