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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hello Kitty- everything you need to know!

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's and Hello Kitty lovers!
Its a lovely day today and that mean's I get to take the laptop out in the warm sun and blog outside, Yay!
The nice weather has come!
 \(^_^)/ Heard that is not meant to last but am making the most of it! He-He time to get the Paddling pool out! woohoo!
So I wanted to do a very informative blog post for you today! All about Hello Kitty of course! *nod nods* I think every fan should know as much about Hello Kitty as possible!
Also I have some very exciting news an event that I will be attending on Friday but am going to take lots of photos and blog about it at the weekend. Do you think that you all can wait that long? I will give you a clue. Its to do with Hello Kitty... can you guess? 

Okay know lets go find out all about Hello Kitty! 
Lets go! Hai!!! ヾ(*´∇`)ノ
Hello Kitty's full name is Kitty White. She lives with her Mama who is called Mary and Papa  who is called George as well as her Twin Sister Mimmy. You can tell them apart as Kitty wears her Bow on 'your' right and Mimmy on the left. Mimmy is often in a Red/Yellow Colour way. Mimmy  is more shy than Kitty. Where Kitty likes to be doing something adventurous.
  She also has her Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Anthony.They are the ones with the Glasses on and Hats. Who are both wise and very cute.

Kitty was born in the outskirts of London on the 1st of November, However she was created in Japan by  Yuko Shimizu back and was 1st seen in 1974. wahh! Kitty is much older than me!!
Since 1974 Hello Kitty is know world wide!
And every one wants to be her friend!
She is based on the White Japanese bobtailed Cat but she has no mouth. ( In the TV show, she does have one but when she is not talking.They removed it till she start to talk again.) 
Hello Kitty has no mouth because she speaks form her Heart!They say that Hello Kitty is about 5 apples tall and weights only 3.
Hello Kitty is also on her 3rd Designer Yuko Yamaguchi, Who has brought many styles to Hello Kitty!

Not only do Hello Kitty have her Family,She has her friends from school too. 
 Tim, Joey, Fifi, Thomas Cathy  to name a few and Hello Kitty also has a Boyfriend  or long term friend.
(o.O) Kawaii! His name is Dear Daniel who's real name is Daniel Starr, You can find some cute couple items with Dear Daniel with Kitty. N'awww (ノ≧∀≦)ノ Also you can find a few Mimmy Items too.

Kitty has a other friend but this one is a pet Cat. Her name is Charmmy Kitty. She is a white Persian cat that is well mannered and quite. She was a gift from Kitty's Papa.She is so cute!
Can you see the Key on her Collar? that is the Key to Hello Kitty's Jewellery Box.  See the little Hamster there too? Its called Sugar, and was a gift from Dear Daniel.
Some times you can find other Sanrio Character's with Hello Kitty too!

Kawaii! As you can see there is more to Hello Kitty just being cute she has so much more and this is maybe just the basics! Wahh! so much to learn and research!  

Did you know Hello Kitty favourite food is Mamas Home made apple pie and her favourite things are English collecting cute things, Music and Art. She also  loves to make friends and bake Cookies for every one!

I really  hope that you all enjoyed my post about Hello Kitty.
She is so adorable! What fun facts do you already know?

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  1. Hi I love Hello Kitty and so does my 5 and a half month daughter, Thanks for explaining about why she has no mouth. now I have something to say to all those radical Christians who think this sweet Little Kitty is Evil! hugs


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