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Kawaii Blush

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello Kitty around the house

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's How are you all? I hope your all well and having lots of fun.
I was looking around my house as thought what other ways could I decorate with Hello Kitty so I jumped on to my Pink Laptop and started Hunting for all things Kawaii and Hello Kitty to add to my Home.
Would you like to see the things and even the ideas that I found? I bet you would but of course Hai!
Bedrooms seem to have lots of hello Kitty stuff which is all fair and fine but lets take things to the next level of kawaii!Adding little Kitty touches to your home is super easy.
Check out this idea for putting up on the walls!

This may just look like a image but this is a huge Hello Kitty Poster!
Just add some wall tack or pins and you have made a room Hello Kitty!

Or what about this cute alarm clock to wake you up every day to Hello Kitty.
Wahhh! So Cool! v(n.n)v

This Bright and Kawaii Wall clock would turn any room in to a Hello Kitty fan's room.

You can also make your rooms cute by adding lots of items too look at as well like these solar power Kitty goodies! I love these so much they really cheer you up! What a cute desk Buddy!

These cushions are a Hello Kitty must, so cute and will brighten up any space in your room or house!
I love the pink one! Cute!

Those Cute photo fames are adorable- I love the one in gold colours and the glittery bow! Wow.
So pretty!


This Hello Kitty mirror would look great in any room. It's so pretty I love the little hearts all over it!
Not only that you can get the cutest Rugs and other items,I think with all this stuff you need a huge house to keep it all in- (>w<) hee hee!

What about putting shelves for a nice touch to a Hello Kitty Room?!
What items do you have around the House that are Hello Kitty themed? I would love to see them all!

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