Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tartan top picks!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's! How are you all today, I hope you are all very well and been busy with lots of nice things to do. Any of you got any new Hello Kitty stuff lately? Well maybe you will like my top picks of new Hello Kitty things from Sanrio. They have some really cute items and products,Its really hard to pick the ones I think are the best and most Kawaii. 

One item is this really cute back pack ,Great for school or for a sleep over its just so cute! It's got miss kitty on it waving, from what looks a lot like a very pink and cute Bus along with her friends.

Very sweet looking bag!
Talking of bags my next Top pick would be this lovely mature looking bag in a shoulder style with a big blue bow is this cute bag here.

Its so sweet looking with its white spots and blue quilted fabric.Very pretty 

The other product I have picked as a top pick is this item here,

Am not talking about the very cuddly looking plush teddys of Hello Kitty but the storage box, its a great place all your cute Kittys and kitty items! Not only that the fabric  and outside of the box has lots of details and images of Hello kitty on it! Sqweee, too cute. Perfect for any one who already has a Kitty themed room. Teehee! 
And Last but not least from my top picks! Would have to be this!

A very cute looking Sleepy Hello Kitty, I think she is a pillow style Kitty from the 'Cool' Range that features a Sweet looking Pastel blue Bird friend of Kitty's! She looks so cute together. N'aww I 
just want to give them a snuggle they are adorable. Kawaii ne?!
 I guess the plush will be the one I favour the most, That and the really cool storage boxes! What items do you like the best?!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Time for a Coffee or Tea?

Good morning Kawaii Blush fans,Today I hope you are all well and keeping Kitty cute!
I love to start the morning with a nice cup of Tea to help wake me up to take on a new day of discovering new kawaii things. As well as  Hello Kitty stuff !! 
I like to have milk and 2 sugars in my tea because I love sweet things!  I do like Green tea and other Healthy herbal drinks like peppermint ones. so yummy ne!
I saw these items pop up on the sanrio website and I like the busy day print its just so cute and they have
 added Hello Kitty's other friends to the prints.I love these Mugs to hold my own warm drinks they are so cute! I think these would make you smile every time you  make a nice drink.


The colours are so bright and cheerful. I love this Hello Kitty Mug, I like how Hello Kitty is very retro looking in style.

This is other mug has My Melody on it,I really like My Melody she is very sweet and cute,I like the pink colours of this mug, its to cute! 

The other mugs have the other characters from Sanrio likes of Tuxedo Sam  the cute little sweet heart penguin  the colours are so nice on his style and cup too.Pretty!! I just want to hug him!

This very very Green mug that looks like a spring time park is actually full of the adorable Sanrio character. 
   Kerokerokeropp is so cheerful looking,Right? 

And here is Badtz-Maru! He looks so cool and stylish, I also am a bit of a fan of him teeehee!
I think is her super cool spiky hair and the fact I also like Penguins. And his facial expressions are really funny looking and very cheeky too!!

Do you want one of these super cute mug's? I sure do! Way to cute not to get one of these. Teehee.
Which style do you like the best, I really can not pick between  My Melody and Hello Kitty, Its to hard to pick ne?!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitty Kanzashi Hair accessiores

 Hello Kawaii Blush and Hello Kitty lovers! 
Today is a good day the post man left me lots of post,The weather is a bit Gloomy,But that is okay.Because am feeling very inspired today and been decorating my Ideas Book,It has sections on it that are like book marks so I have added cute stickers to them cause they looked a bit boring teehee!Any how I got some thing very cute in the Post, from a talented lady who makes Kanzashi, Hair ornaments that Geiko and Maiko wear.(Geisha's), I love the traditional Japanese clothing I think it looks so pretty and kawaii, not forgetting very princess like and elegant!! 

Hello Kitty can be found wearing Kanzashi when she has a Kimono on sometimes ,I even have 2 which she has them instead of her bow!! Kawaii ne!!

How Pretty is Kitty? Waah! Cute ne!

Look as all these hair ornaments from bows to combs so pretty!!
So When I found out that the Lady who makes the ornaments in the UK and she had ordered a Hello Kitty Fabric I had to get myself one!
So here are some Photos of it, I hope you all Love it as much as me!!

Can you spot Hello Kitty hiding in the Fabric?

Here is a close up photo can you see her know? Its so Pretty!

As you can see I have treated myself to a few of these hair ornaments. They are all so pretty and hand made too- kawaii!
Here is where I got them! Online shop link.

I wonder if any of the J-Grab fans have made anything with Hello Kitty on it? I would love to see, or do you have anything that is rare or different in your hello kitty collections? Remember I love to
 get messages, photos and chat from all of you because you are all Kitty tastic and big Kitty fans too!
Tartan san

Monday, August 26, 2013

We are off to see the Wizard the wonderful Wizard of ....Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's .

How are you all today, Have you had a nice day? I hope it was Kitty-tastic. Have you bought any new Kitty goodies? I have some cute plush toys to show you brand new from Sanrio. They are way cute looking hehe! I have fallen in love with one of them! I cant wait to show you them!!
Get ready for some Kawaii-ness! As I give you the Wizard of Oz Range!
Kawaii ne?!
All the main Characters who go in search of the wizard have been turned onto sweet looking Kitty's! The story is about a girl who has to look for the Wizard to help her and her little dog get back home and she meets lots of colourful new friends on the way of the Yellow Brick road. Teehee! It was in 1939 when they made a film of this great book. Have you seen this or read the book? They even have it as a on stage musical production, I have seen the film many times, I think I have to say ,I much prefer Hello Kitty in the starting role of the Wizard of Oz. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet the Hello Kitty X Ugly Dolls

Hello Kawaii blush fan's! 
How are you all today? Have you been doing anything fun or planned anything nice? Today is very gloomy and rainy.So I guess I will not get to enjoy some nice sunny time in the garden. (T^T) Oh well. I guess  , I will just have to show off these Comic con Limited Ugly Dolls collaboration with Hello Kitty with you all!

So These dolls were at the Comic con in San Diego in July, there was quite a lot of Hell Kitty going on at that event. I saw that these were on ebay very quick for re selling as well as the other Japanaimation range, but don't worry you can buy both ranges at sanrio! Yay!

At first looks of these dolls, I was not to keen on them but then I noticed that they had faces,so it was like Hello Kitty was Cosplaying which sort of made me change my mind.
Lets have a good look at these new Kittys toys!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Kitty Calenders

Hello Kawaii blush lovers! How are all you cute Kitty fans today .I really hope you have all been shopping for some kitty-tastic items and products. I  have been busy and keeping my 
eyes peeled for all thing Kitty and very cute! I found these adorable Calendars they are the most sweetest looking ones I have ever seen! I wish I could get such nicest ones over here in the UK but they look a bit too child like! I have spied a Sticker reward chart for my daughter - yes not for me this time so , I will have to pick up next time at the shops!

Check out the inside its super cute!

There is different sizes this one above it the biggest size and I love the look of the Month of March so pretty, How cute would this be on our walls, Right?

There is also a smaller one that is also so cute, I really like the soft colours on the pictures.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tartans been adding to her collection!

Hello Kawaii blush fans! How are you doing today, I thought it would be nice to share with you all the newest Kitty items,That I have bought!

Am sure you will all adore the items too! Am still waiting to find some come in the post! Heehee. However I am trying very hard not to buy anything unless its shipping is very short as moving out day is creeping near and in a months time I will be off visiting Family! Kawaii! And there is a very small if no amount of Cute-ness and hello Kitty where am off too..Am not sure if I will be able to cope with this with moving as soon as I get back and the lack of Hello Kitty...I might just crumble into glitter dust.  Will I cope?!
Any how moving away from my Drama of no kitty- Maybe I should take a Kitty with me? But which one?
Lets check out my goodies of late! I've been saving them up to show you all!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Vans x Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fans and Hello kitty fan's. How are you all doing to day?
When I was shopping I did spy a shop that was selling some Vans, I do love a good pair of comfortable Vans on my feet! I don't mind the price because they last for so long and with the Hello Kitty collaboration with Vans is just so cute!  I much prefer the Hi top version of Vans as I think they just look super cool as the lower ones remind me of sand shoes or gym ones from when I was a kid - tee hee so I like the other ones.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shopping and Kitty Car accessories

Hello Kawaii Blush cutie pies! How are you all ,Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you had a great one!
I went shopping but was not hello kitty shopping...okay I tried not to buy anything Hello Kitty..But I bought 2 necklaces and a bunch of pins badges heehee!
 Then I found a new cup and coaster for having my morning cup of tea in it and also some hello kitty snacks in a american style shop.I don't often venture into those sweet shops but I was after I saw they had hello Kitty candy...

I also love Hello Panda snacks too! 
Remember how I was going on about my Hello Kitty outfit? Well I have put it all together and here is the  result of it so far!

I think I may need to add some white gloves to the outfit and maybe a extra cute bow to the apron? Do you all like it. I will post more photos of it when its complete with the gloves and extras. Which will not be long away as the event is next month. eek! So I had to buy a cute back pack to go with it teehee!
Its a Hello Kitty plush style backpack. Its 2nd hand I think I will give it to my daughter once I have used it.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Kawaii Kitty bits and bobs

Hello Kawaii blush fans! 
Yay  its Friday! One more sleep to the weekend,Am going on a shopping trip! Yay! (^_^)v I need some new jeans and tops,I wonder if I can find some really cute things...maybe come cute Hello Kitty things?
How are you all today. I found some really cute hair accessories, bits and bobs for you all to check out!
Most of these things are for your hair,some for long and some for short hair,But what ever you  hair style.You can wear a bit of Kitty one way or a other!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Japanimation Hello Kitty!

Hello Kawaii blush fans!
Hope you are all doing well and keeping Kitty-tastic! But of course you all are!
We are busy at j-grab trying to bring you new ways of keeping in tabs with us,from Tartan-sans updates on all the kawaii Kitty-news and what you can get kitty wise with! So we are trying out Tumblr!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

busy day

Hello Kawaii Blush fans, my my 
a very Kawaii and Kitty-tastic treat for you you all!With School terms coming quicker than you all think I found some very cool Kitty items that you can use but not just for school but of other stuff too! How Cool and Cute right?!I am so in love with this new stuff . (^_^) Its got a simple idea but a busy one behind it!
Hello Kitty's busy Day Range is just so cute! N'awww! I really like the colours and style.

And who can not refuse such a cute back pack,Its just so busy and Kitty-tastic. I really think this bag is a eye catcher with such great colours!

Don't forget about your messager style shoulder bags,again this is just so stylish (^_^)/

Even this more casual style looking bag really has a lot to show with the pattern,I hope that if I keep looking at it I will not get a headache 

Of course you will want to  keep the theme with adding these for too!
This is just a cute notebook with the same pattern and it would be great for school or writing
down notes from your meetings, Right?

Dont forget to get the matching pen that is a 4 in 1 with the colours- how cute and handy this is. Aww its just so cool and it all matching.Which tickles me pink of Kawaii-ness!

Maybe there is to much of this print for you to hand so many a new pencil and pen case will cure your hello kitty cravings!  teehee!Can you see yourself getting any of the Busy day range? Will you be buying for you or for school? I think it would be cool to match with all your friends with the note books and such. Its so bright and cheerfull. I think it would make you smile every day seeing these items!
Let me know if you do get any and post them to the J-Grab fan page and share them on the wall every one!!