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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello Kitty stationary

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's, How are you all well last night I was getting my Pen Pal letters ready and written out and I was thinking it would much more fun if I had it all in Hello Kitty stuff right?!
\(^_^)/ It would look so cute. so I thought once I have used up my current stuff I have to get hold of some Hello Kitty writing sets and Stationary!
The writing stuff I have is, already cute but it is not Hello Kitty.
But my Hello Kitty's do help me with my letter's!

So Lets go find some Kawaii Kitty Letters and Stationary. 
I love looking at this sort of stuff its so cute!
Your going to need some basics if you are thinking about becoming a pen pal. so lets have a look at the Kitty- tastic stuff. (^_^)v

To write a Letter your going have to get a few pens or pencils and there are lots and lots of kawaii kinds out there and easy to get hold of!

It's so much fun to have a Hello Kitty pen. I keep losing mine so I like to get a few so I have extras(-_-'')
Not only  that you can give them as gifts and  share them when your at school or stay kawaii in the office with out looking like a child (*^_^*) Hehe!

Oh and your going to need to store all your cute pens in something as Kawaii as this of course! What Kawaii pencil case.

You will also need some Letter sets and writing paper,to write your letters and notes to your pen pals or your friends too.There are so many pretty ones to pick from and all with cute designs with Hello Kitty.
Which one's do you like the best?

Are these just the cutest looking letters!
I love getting letters in the post its so nice to get them. A nice change from emails! Also I love to add things to my letters to brighten them up and make them very cute too.
Stickers and stamps are a great idea and can be used for other things that can make them kitty-tastic too.

They are so much fun.
Also if you plan to write to more than one pen pal. Its worth getting a folder or something like it to store all the items you need and keep them safe and tidy too.
*nod nods*

Do any of have any pen pals that you write too? Are they Hello Kitty  fan's too?
Its so much fun making friends and as Hello Kitty say's you can never have to many friends!


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