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Kawaii Blush

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Build a bear Kittys!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's.
How are you all today!? I Hope you are all well and feeling super kawaii!
Have you ever seen the Kawaii,Plush, Soft toy's from the place called Build a Bear.Where you can make your very own soft toy. I love them so much, they are so cute and its so much fun going there too!
The shops are cute themselves you can make your soft new friend there or online! 

I feel in love with the Hello Kitty ones, Not only do you get to pick your very own bear and style.You stuff them with love and even put in their little kawaii Hearts in side them- which you get to make a wish on! 
Then you  move on to the next section and then get to dress them up!
You can find all kinds of outfits for them! 
Cute ones or themed ones Even Hello Kitty outfits and Stylish ones!
I have 3 Hello Kitty's and I would love to buy more, because they come in some very pretty colours!

Wow just so much stuff!

So I thought that I would show you a small video of my Hello Kitty's and build a bear stuff!
I loved it when they even did Hello Kitty's friends too! I got a Choco cat too!
The other characters I have are 2 My Little Pony - Pinkie pie and Rainbow dash.
Ah noo! Looking at the site makes me want to spend all my money on them they are just so cuddly and cute!
Any way to give you some idea of the size and the type of things that you can get
 I did a video for you all hehe! Its just a bit of fun, really as am sort of stuck on what kind of videos you would like to see?

I really hope you all like the video!
Are those outfits so cute.Do any of you have any Dress up Kitty's?
I would love to see them ,why not post up your photo's on the fan page so I can see them!
I bet they are all dressed up adorable!

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