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Kawaii Blush

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Get Geeky with Hello Kitty.

Hello all you Hello Kitty Angel's!
I hope you are all well and enjoying your week.
Hope you are ready to enjoy the Kawaii Blush Blog!
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I wanted to know are there any Hello Kitty Geeks among us? I for one LOVE the cute geeky trend- though am a bit of a girly gamer Geek or Nerd as some call it.I think it is very cute looking and I think that Hello Kitty can pull off the Geeky look very well.
Do you do the Geek chic look? Id love to see some photos of you and your styles!
Hello Kitty has lots of styles but when she has glasses on she is just so utterly Kawaii!

The trend of no Len's or clear lens Glasses are creeping into trends! 
Has it caught on and in fashion where you are?
I wanted to show you all some super cute Hello Kitty Geek-ness that I have found.
Its all so adorable!

These are Hugely popular and I think every Hello Kitty Fan has a pair of fake glasses with a Hello Kitty Bow on them!I have a few pairs and some plain frames in bright colours, They are just so cool and fun !

How cute is this little plush of Hello kitty and her own glasses- this one is one I think it so sweet and smart looking. I just love the over size glasses.

Or why not get your Geek on with this cute double ring of Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel and a collection of tiny earrings that range of Hello kitty to her Bow's.
But if that is not enough for you and you want to go all out fashion wise...

Yup check those out - I love those socks hehe.
They are just so cool looking right?!
But that is not all if you are into computers and technology there is a huge range of Kawaii Kitty goodness that can be found this is just a tiny amount of it!

Cell Phone cases, Laptops and  memory sticks!
I think I like the Cell Phone case. Have you noticed that its got a Tartan Print on it!
The Memory stick is just so cute too right, how cool to whip that out at school or the office with all your saved files on it! Don't forget about that bling Laptop!
So shiny and if you need to carry all your stuff and want to keep your Geek on then look no further to this!

The most cutest backpack ever!

What would you want out of these products and add them to your Hello Kitty wish list?
Till next time.


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  1. I have those earrings! I love them all. I'm such a geek! Proud!


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