Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Kitty Camera's

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's .
*Grabs Camera* Every one say 'cheese' or 'Hello Kitty!!' and give me your best smile!
Hope you are all well. I love to take photos. So give me your most Kawaii Pose!
*Click and Snap*
Aww you guys are all so cute!
Kawaii ne! (>.<)
I love to take photos with my new camera but if only it was a little bit more Kawaii....oh well am sure Hello Kitty has that covered!

I like my camera as its not to easy to use but not to much to learn about it,I like to take lots of photo's to remind me of the good times and the interesting things that have crossed my path. Hello Kitty seems to have the same idea but she makes taking photos much more fun when she has made them ever so cute.

Look at this camera its so cute, its in the shape of Hello Kittys face and even the back is adorable.I think the cheeks blush when you take a photo. (^_^)v kawaii!

There are also very glittery and shiny Hot pink or baby pink Cameras that are just perfect for you who like to have a bit of Hello Kitty Bling on the Cameras too.
The Gems are all a round the Camera Lens.Even the wrist strap is so girly and cute.
So pretty! Which one do you like?

The other Camera that I have fallen in love with is a Polariod Camera- it takes a photo and then prints the photo out there and then. Nice and handy for fun snaps with your BFF's and Family fun. I love this idea also the photo's come out with a bit of space around the photo, leaving room to write cute message's on them. 
What a cute way to treasure memories

The above is a the older style of Polaroid Cameras, but the one below is the Camera I would love to have for myself...its so stylish and cool.

If any one wants to buy me one...hehe feel free okay! Its just so cool and funky!
Not just that check out the films prints.

Hello Kitty is decorated all over them.
Can you see why I want this so bad- (>w<)

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