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Kawaii Blush

Friday, May 3, 2013

Colour in Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's.
Are we all staying Kitty Kawaii?! 
Have you been up to anything interesting that you want to share with me?
Its still not turned to nice weather here yet which is so annoying! However I have found a great way to keep busy and this can involve any one,no matter the age! You can also get hold of these very easy.

I found a A3 size piece of card in a pound (£) shop where it was a picture needing coloured in it was a Hello Kitty but its lines where covered with a furry texture,made to keep the kids colouring in,within the lines. I used to do these all the time when i was a child and even though I bought it for my daughter I had to join in  the fun when we went to visit family. We didn't finish it but we will do next time we go see them
So I went online to find more of these sort of things but I did find print off's that any one can use to print off and colour in. A great way to keep little ones entertained, you may even find yourself joining in too!
All you need is the paper and crayons/Pens
I found some really cute ones that I wanted to share with you all too. 

Kitty , Mimmy and Fifi!

A lovely Hello Kitty!


Its such a simple activity but so much fun for every one and of course it is even more fun when you have lots of art supplies like paints crayons, pens and why not add some glitter too!

If you want to print these off you just need to goggle ''Hello Kitty colour me in'' and a whole bunch of black and white images come up just save them to your pc/laptop and print them off later! Or why not colour them in with paint or photo shop on the computers!
I would love to see the ones you do that are all coloured in and looking kawaii!
I bet they will look great!
You could post them up on our fan page! 
I want to your art work!
Tartan- san

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