Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello Kitty in the Sun

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's! oh wow!

 I cant get over the fact the sun is out and there is even a heat coming from it! This is what I call spring and almost summer time! Am sitting in casual Lolita and chilling out with a soft drink and the laptop.
Ah its a bit to hot, so I can see me hiding in the shade soon, Am not used to such heat in May . The sad news is the return of the Rain is due back tonight.(T^T)
So this hot weather got me thinking about Hello Kitty and if she likes to get all summery too.
I bet Hello Kitty likes this kind of warm weather to eat such kawaii thinks like ice-cream!

Kawaii and Yummy!
I was very happy  to not only get my newest Kitty the other week but be able to take kawaii photos of her in the sun today too. (as well as my Bjds.) Hehe I really love working with my new camera. I bet you all want to see them!
As well as my newest Kitty! Oh and I have more on the way. I have however spied so many new Kitys I want to add to my collection. (>.<) Hehe!
So I have got a rare one and 2 small ones on the way to me! Kawaii!!

How pretty is this Hawaii Kitty! in her cute pink grass skirt
I really like the sun kissed tan colour Kitty!
She is adorable.
So here is a photo of my very own Hello Kitty in the Tan colour she also looks adorable
in her swim suit and I think she looks a lot like this image too!

Hehe (^_^) all these images are ever so cheerful looking!

I really hope you like the photos of My new Kitty! She is so soft and cute. Such a great addition to my  collection. Do you have any other colours a pose to the typical white Hello Kitty's? 
I would love to see them, I have a few pink and black ones! They are also very cute too.
I am trying to find more interesting Hello Kitty's to add to the my collection!

I hope you are enjoying your weather too!

Tartan san

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