Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hello Kitty Earrings

Hello Kawaii Blush and Hello Kitty fan's, How are you all today, hope you are having a really nice and cute day. 
Have you been buying any new Hello Kitty Goodies lately?

I wanted to share with you the cute new earrings a online store sent me, they are hand made and inspired Hello Kitty Earrings.It was a delight to get something in the post as a gift and best of all they are soo cute! (They also made me a necklace - what a surprise it is a heart with ''Kawaii'' on it so I wanted to share it on the blog cause is says kawaii hehe!)
The earrings are ever so cute  and I thought you guys would really like them too!
As I have said these were hand made!
I love handmade gifts! so thoughtful. They came in a very Kawaii Parcel! (^_^)v

They are adorable and they have a really glossy shine to them. They look just like Hello Kitty's hair bow. Right?!

I had to put them in right away they alsomatch my hat too! - Do you not think they are adorable? 
I bet Hello Kitty would love these if she wore earrings too!

Lets have a look at the other Earrings that you can get that can be found on the internet and even comes can be hand made that are to do with and/or Hello Kitty! So kawaii!
Hai hai!

These are so sweet, I bet these would look adorable on. These would be great for every day ware. You would have Hello Kitty with you every day!

Or maybe you like to have dangle style earrings with lot's of sparkles and pink in them.
wow! so pretty!

Or what about these statement style Hello Kitty earrings?
Which style of earrings do you like to wear are you a studs style or a Hoops .
Do you like the sparkles or the colourful earring designs?

Here is a photo of the 'Kawaii' Necklace- I hope you also like it too. Its super cute and very glittery!
I can not wait to wear it. I got these lovely gifts form the online shop called House of Wonderland a link can be found Here (^_^)v

I hope you like my post I got lots of Kitty-tastic posts coming really soon!

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