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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Hello Kitty Adventure ...

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's How are you today!
I have a very eventful day this weekend and this is what I have been looking forward too all last week.This blog post will be full of photos and very long so much to tell you all! At the weekend I went to a near by big city and was really excited as a fellow Hello kitty fan had told me there was a free Hello Kitty Event!
I Jumped at the chance and made a family trip out of it, not only that I meet up with my fellow Kitty Fan! Yay!

So we travelled on the train it was about a hour but that was okay.
I wore my Hello Kitty Hoodie and top and Vans I was all decked out in Hello Kitty (n.n)v
When I got there the weather was so nice I should have worn Lolita! At the Event was where I met up with my fellow Hello Kitty Fan where we exchanged Hello Kitty gifts... Kawaii!!

I got such a cute ring from my feel Hello Kitty Friend. (*0*)
It was nice and quite in the store, not many about. So after a bit of Hello kitty hunting and looking at the products we also played with all the toys- Heehee.

VIP Treatment for Tartan-san!
After telling the staff that I was a Hello Kitty fan blogger I seem to have a different kind of treatment.
The staff were so nice and really friendly and there was a lot of Kitty stuff to get my hands on!
WOW! I took Lots and Lots of Photos for you all!
I and my new Hello Kitty friend  wanted to buy every thing! so much stuff. (*o*) Soo cute and Kawaii!
It was so much fun!
Check out the Hello Kitty Goodies! Get ready for Lots of Photos!

Kawaii Baby stuff! Too cute!

Lots of Hello Kitty Bags

Tiny Kittys!

Rows and Rows of Hello Kitty goodies!

Sun Tan Hello Kitty!

Sanrio stands full of Hello Kitty products , There was bags,plush's, soft toys and so much stuff. These are only are some of the photos!

And guess who we saw walking around the store, yes that's right Hello Kitty herself!
\(*0*)/ I sqweeled and jumped about so much when I saw her pass...she is soo kawaii!
 Well I had to go get a photo with my favourite white Kitty in the world!

Hai! We had so much fun!\(*0*)/ Kitty was so cute when she makes a pose for the photos!
Once we all had our photos take I wanted to pick a Hello Kitty item to remember my trip but there was so much stuff to pick from!
I really had to think hard on what to buy but kept changing my mind!
(>w<) wahh!

So many plushie toys and cuddly Kitty's to pick from!

Even my friend has trouble picking !!

These Kittys were crazy prices and cost so much! eek!!

Look at all these rings! Cute and they came in all colours.

I really couldn't pick which one to buy!

I really wanted to hug that HUGE Hello Kitty!

In the End this is what I bought (^_^)v 2 plush Hello Kitty's and a note book with the Ring.
I Hope I can meet Hello Kitty again some time! Maybe next time I can aim for Puroland right!
Have any of you Kawaii Blush Fan's met Hello Kitty?


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