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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its about being Kawaii

Hello Kawaii Fans!

Did you know living in Scotland, UK is tough work for a Kawaii Lover like myself. I currently live in a town, it is a very pretty and you don't have to travel too far to get to the very nice woodland and countryside. I love spending time out in nature. It's very relaxing and peaceful. *Blissful* The downside to living here is that being Kawaii and looking for Kawaii things is a challenge. Even the nearest big city only has about one or two Kawaii-like shops. It is so unfair that I have to travel so far just for these few shops. The other thing is the prices. Everything in these shops is so expensive.

I have found the internet to be super effective when it comes to Kawaii shopping. Thanks to social media, I can link up with anime and manga conventions and J-fashion, which are a great resource for all things Kawaii.

I get my own style ideas from Tokyo fashion snaps. I take my ideas and look in the high street shops but often find we are a bit behind in the trends that are popular in Japan. Sometimes, and only sometimes, you can find the odd cute thing like Hello Kitty or My Little Pony on a t-shirt or a cute pretty accessory but often it is only in the small children's section.

My t-shirt from Primark and the cute cat print ears from River Island so it's not impossible to be Kawaii!

I have found places like eBay, Facebook sales, and Kawaii fashion stores a great way to find things for my Kawaii needs and styles.

Even when it comes to getting my hands on Hello Kitty, it's hard work because the shops here only sell the general TY brands of Hello Kitty. The stock never changes and once you already have them, you are at a loss to try and find other Hello Kitty products. (T^T)

Lucky for both you and me, J-Grab has lots of Kawaii Hello Kitty's! Link Here!

Here are a few tips for looking Kawaii.

Why not buy a cute pendant necklace that can easily be seen, such as something sweet that ties in with your own personal style and reflects the things you like. I love cupcakes so I have a cupcake necklace that makes me feel and look Kawaii at the same time.
Wearing my cute cupcake necklace.
Why not get a super cute handbag or school bag that you can find in some great online shops. There are lots to pick, such as cat-shaped handbags and school bags with cute little wings! Cute! (>.<)

Why not get your hands on your most-loved Kawaii characters, such as with a Hello Kitty or Rilakkuma pencil case, and fill it with matching super sweet stationary.

Wearing a cute outfit is a great way to mix up your own style and try new cute trends. I think printed tights are adorable and make any outfit not only stand out but look very Kawaii at the same time. You can sometimes get them as leggings as well and these are a bit warmer than tights. The other top tip for Kawaii is be Kawaii yourself, both inside and out!

How do you keep Kawaii? What is your most-loved Kawaii item?

I would love to know.
Tartan-San x

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