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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Instant Kitty Camera!

Helllo Kawaii blush fans and Hello Kitty Lovers , I hope you have all been keeping very well (^_^)v Have you gone back to school and been busy with studies and work. I have been oh so very busy that I have not been blogging here very much! I think this might be my last blog post for some time until I settle into my new house hai! Very Exciting!
But but today I wanted to show you something, its not new or anything but I wanted to share it because it is so cool!
It is a polaroid camera, but not just any old dull polaroid! No no! The Fuji Film Instax 25 mini. I have been wanting one for a while and love the idea of instant photos coming out right away to then decorate with doodles and cute stuffs hehe. I bought myself one as a treat and mine is a very white and cute one. I Love Love Love,  it so much.  Its also so much fun to use and very retro but the other thing is you can get the camera as..yes, you guessed it Hello Kitty ones!! So Lets, Go look at them!
1,2,3 Go!

This is a very cute one with the bright colours,Kawaii ne!

What about a yummy chocolate shade for your camera? 

This one is just like mine but all in white and Kitty, If I had known before I so would have ordered this one!!
Kyaaa cute!!

You can even get a matching Zoom Lenz for this! Adorable.

The pink shade and white is lovely also! Think this might be a older version.

You can even get it in a wide instax as well. 
Its not just the cameras that are cute check out the very cool and Kitty-tastic films that frames the photos that you take!

Are these not just adorable! You can even get princess ones, Rilakkuma ones and pattern films to make them different and even more Kawaii.
I will have to show you my own camera and some cute photos it takes, the come out so small and easy to put in a wallet or your pocket after. teehee!.

I hope you like my blog post and make sure to follow and like our J-grab Fan's page! I love to get all my sweet messages and your shared photos!

Till next time 

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