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Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Secret Diary

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's. How are you all today, I hope you are all well and having a great day!
(^_^) Do you have any thing  planned today?
I seem to be setting dates and events and it time I got myself some kind of note book or diary to remember everything and  every event that I plan to go too.. I and my hello Kitty friend are making meet ups for other kitty fans in and around Scotland. Its gona be so much fun and get to meet lots of new friends. But am going to have to be super organised so lets take a look at the most Kawaii looking diary's you can easily pick up and find- Hai Hai, Lets Go!

The best thing about Diaries is you find so many styles that will fit your style and taste.
Maybe you want a big one to write lots of things down or maybe you need a small one to take with you every where you go!

This one is so cute its got a Ballerina theme and it has both Hello Kitty and Mimmy on the cover.Look at the detail of the Lock it is even in the shape of Kitty-chan's cute! What an adorable way to keep secrets!

This one is nice and bright and very stylish and cool! I love the Star on Hello Kitty!

I love this grown up style that has a very nice pattern and mature look to it! You could have this one for your Handbag!

This one is more for Kids it looks like a electronic Diary!

This one is a pillow where it has washable pages!! comes with a Magic Pen and a Speaker so you plug in your Ipods MP3's and be able to write down every thing with your favourite music - (>.<) Waaah that is very cool. Right?!
Do you have your own Kitty Diary?
I would love to see the Kitty Diaries that you have or want. I think they are very cute , handy and fun to have.


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