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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kitty Neko Ears Fashion!

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's I thought I would give you all some thing a bit more interesting to read today. I hope that you will love it very much! I know you all love Hello Kitty so I thought this would be something you all like too. Neko/Cat Ears!
These have crept over in fashion trends and very popular. Not just that they are super fun to wear!
You can get lots of styles like anime style ones made out of plastic , Real looking ones made of fake fur and some that are made more mature like a fashion accessories! (^o^) They are so Kawaii!
They also make you look a lot like Hello Kitty!
I love Neko/Cat Ears!

Here are a few styles I wanted to share with you! so no matter what your style you can still be as cute and kitty like Hello Kitty!
Here are some very cute ears just like Hello Kitty!

Aww so cute! I have a pair of these. (^_^)v
There is also a lot of furry and soft ears too, these one's come is lots of colours!
Here below are some very elegant looking ones too.

You can even make these even
more Kawaii if you are a crafty person and quite creative. And its very easy to do. I had a go myself. I made a video for a company that sent me the Cat ears above and you can find the link here to see how I made mine extra cute!

Here are some more plastic and anime like ears!
Hehe. Kawaii!

You can even get some with Maid head pieces too - soo cute! Nyan Nyan
What about these cute ears that respond to your own brain waves and emotions?! These look like lots of fun!!

Wow soo cool here is a video link here for you all.

Do any of you have any Cat/Kitty/Neko Ears?
I think they are so adorable!
I think, I like the black and white colours best.But White for Hello Kitty, Hai!
Tartan- san.

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