Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, June 17, 2013

Black and Pink with Spots all over!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fans!

Hope you all have a great and very Kitty-tastic Weekend! (^_^)v
Do You know that this is Kawaii Blushes 100th Post! Waaaaah! Oh my Kawaii already?! How did that happen?!
Its so great you have all of your support,nice comments here and on the Fan-page! (^_^) Some of you are so cute and leave sweet messages which make me blush. You are all so Kawaii!! (>.<)/ 
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So I thought I would share with you a super super Kawaii items that have come out from Lounge fly and Hello Kitty. If you are already a fan of these bags,Your hearts will skip a beat!! They are ultimate over load of Kawaii!!!!!

If your not a fan these bags will make you fall in love (huhuh!)
So what is Black Pink with spots all over?

Hello Kitty Leopard Print Bags !!!
Kawaii ne?!If I didn't have a Lounge fly X Hello Kitty bag- I would be after these! But I have one I love to bits.Of course if some one was to buy and send me one I would be over the moon and so happy!
So lets have a look at these lush bags, As I said I have this make of bag and the make is magic its the best bag of Hello Kitty heaven!

Its so Cute!!!! I adore these colours! so pink!! This mini hand bag is adorable! Its such a cute print!


This City bag looks like you could get a whole bunch of Hello Kitty's in there!

Such a very pretty Backpack


This Tablet case will look so stylish and mature while protecting it for you!

Check out the lush and lovely laptop cover too! I need this for my Pink Laptop. Right?
Teehee (>.<)
Oh I really love this colour way and this style will makes these stand out! Which one do you want? I want them all!! Hehehe!
I hope I have given you lots to lust over hai!!


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