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Friday, June 14, 2013

Mega Blocks Kitty!

Hello Kawaii Blush fans's!

How are you all? Have you had a busy week? Am so sorry I have not been about much on the blog and page! Please forgive me! (T^T) I have been so busy with so many things and I fee sad that I can not be blogging as much! (;__;) 
But! I hope that once all this hard work is over with and the results come quick.I can get blogging and work hard again! \(*0*)/ So they may be a lack of posts but I promise to make it up to you all! So please Keep sharing Kawaii Blush and our J-Grab page to reach out to all of you Kawaii Cuties around the world! Hai Hai! v(^_^)v.

Today I wanted to show you some really cool Hello Kitty products I have one or two of these cool items.

They are Hello Kitty X MegaBlocks.

You can buy these lucky bags and inside you can get a surprise Hello Kitty that has a outfit and block to stand on, you collect them all- they are very cute and sweet! Its always fun to get lucky surprises in these bags.
Once you collect them all there is also sets that you can buy!
These are very small items so best to keep them out of reach of little ones!
You can get small sets that you can put all together to make a larger set.

There are also sets that are like little houses and schools for Hello Kitty too. (>.<) n'awww they are very sweet and I bet great fun to play with too!
Hai Hai!

Again there is larger ones you can get that have a lot more in them such as Hello Kitty's Friends and Family too and some of the sizes are so big but I think they look so cool as well. The best thing is you can remake them in to anything you want with your creative imagination!
Check out this huge house!

It so cool looking right!(^_^)/
Do you like the Hello Kitty mega blocks? Do you have any in your collections, I would love to see them!!

Tartan- san

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