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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hello Kitty lunch on the go!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's and Hello Kitty sweeties!
Hope you are all feeling great and ready to have a look at these most adorable and Kawaii looking Hello Kitty Lunch Time box's/bags and accessories, Not just for the young ones but for us mature and older hard core Hello Kitty Fans too! (n.n) uhuh!
Nothing makes anything more yummy than when it comes from a cute container with Kawaii magical powers, right! (*^_^*)

What sort of Kawaii Lunch boxes go you like best? Big ones for cramming in more yummy snacks or small ones for easy snacks throughout the day.Nom nom nom!
I love these old school looking tin Lunch boxes.

They look so bright and colourful! Hello Kitty sure looks Kawaii on them! I like the one with Mimmy!
Or what if tins are not your thing? (>.<) Then you can pick a softer style in material or go for the Lunch Bag style of Lunch on the go!

Or why not try the other styles.

How handy is this one with the bottle holder! (o.O) Cute and will help stop your bottles being knocked over and leaking!!
As well as your lunch bags/ boxes and tins you can get lots of containers that can hold your snacks and lunch, Don't forget about you Hello Kitty drink/ Juice bottles too!
They look super cute as well!
So sweet!


Don't forget that your containers can be used to store small trinkets,Likes of Jewellery and other odds and ends like of stickers and such!! *Handy top tip!*


So there is a way to have a Hello Kitty lunch on the go,Its very easy to make Lunch time fun and cute!
Which style do you like best?
Do you have a Hello Kitty Lunch box already or want to get one? I think they are super Kawaii looking and lots to pick form!!!
All this talk about lunch has made me hungry, (>.<) I think , I better go off and make myself some Hello Kitty shaded Jam sandwiches hehe!


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