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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hello Kitty Games

Hello Kawaii Blush Kittens!
How are you all doing today?! I have some treats her for you! hai hai , Yes I do!
I wanted to show you the fun and super cute games, some of them even I  have played myself and they are so much fun! I love to play games in my spare time- not that I have much time to play games but its nice to take a brake with some yummy snacks too. right!
There seems to be a lot of apps and phone games but I will show you some other ones too!
The games are very gentle - great for young children and Kitty Fans too of course!This Game is for the DS - I have played it, its not a hard game but it sure is cute.

There also this cute game for the DS too.

Again looks like a nice easy but Kawaii game. (^_^)v Teehee!

The other games can be found on other formats such as the PlayStation or GameCube. I have played this game it was lots of fun again it was far to easy for me. ( I like to play more challenging games) (¬_¬)
But this one was cool being Hello Kitty on Roller-skates!You also got to pick the outfits she wears in each level! Kawaii ne!?

The other game is one for the PC and its online too.
This one is where you have your own character /avatar and fight to monsters to win items and money to design your character and visit the different different towns!
The other games can be found for smart phones mini games where you can run a caf'e a salon and a new one where you can run a town! These ones can be found online to download  for free!
They are great fun and just so cute!

Running  a hair salon with Hello Kitty and her friends!

Make your own Town with Hello Kitty and Friends.

Or why not run the cafe and sever up some yummy snacks.

Have any of you played any of these games?
Are these not just so Cute?!

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