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Kawaii Blush

Friday, June 28, 2013

Kawaii phone plugs and charms

Hello Kawaii Blush Kittens!
How are you all today?! I hope you are having a great day, doing something really nice and wonderful! Hai!!

I came across some thing really cute today, These are the Dust plugs that you plug into the sockets of your phone often the ear phone ones.Well when you not needing to use the sockets you can buy these plugs to stop dust getting into them. Not only is that protecting your phone but guess what... Yes you can get Hello Kitty ones! Yay!
You can find them with ease online and such. They are not too expensive but are so cute and so many to pick form!

Maybe you just want something simple and cute- What about Hello Kitty's bow to turn your very own Phone super Kawaii!
Or what about a full body of Hello Kitty to sit on the top of your phone while you text and call your friends!

What about one that you can plug in and it will dangle like a Charm!? This one even has some sparkle to it as well! so Cute (^_^).

Others even have extra charms, bells and other Kawaii pieces added to them making them stand out full of cute goodness! Each one has its own very cute style and will suit to what every ones tastes are for your phones to look even more personal and cool than they all ready are.
Customizing is so much fun!

Also dont forget to ass some kawaii sparkle to your phones, Why not use a Sparkly style plug in for your phone or a dangles charm style one with extra gems on it!

Kawaii! (*^_^*) Aww ,How cute is Hello Kitty as a Angel?!
So shiny and pretty!
Do you like these 'Pluggys' better than charms on your phones or do you like charms better? Which style of Plugs would you like to buy for your phone?!
I think it would be hard to pick just one.. Maybe pick a few to change them over every day! (^_^)v
Heehee- Know there is a Idea!


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