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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Moustache Hello Kitty

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's and Hello Kitty Kittens!
How are you all today,Are you doing anything nice? Do you have anything planned. Am feeling a bit mischievous today and came across really silly but very cute Hello Kitty with a Moustache! (o.O)She looks very cute!

I have not come across this range but I think its a old collection maybe? Am not sure...some how I missed this range heh...But is so cute and so much stuff!!!
There seems to be a range of bags,earrings and stationary for Hello Kitty and her Fake moustache.
I think she is very cute even its it a fake one hehe!

These Earring look so cute and adorable I think you would feel silly in a good way when wearing these fun earrings!

How hilarious is this necklace? I really do not think I can take Kitty seriously here .

I love this statement bag, Its just so cute and It is also very bright, I would love a bag like this. It would make a dull outfit come to life and excitement.I think,If you like to be loud and have crazy Handbags this is the bag for you right?!

Or maybe you are a shy person but I think you would find your keys with ease with this cheerful rubber key Cap,which reminds me that I need to get a new one for my own keys!!
If I was to add any of Hello Kitty's with a Moustache, I would pick the bag but since already have to many Hello Kitty bags that I never use... I would pick...

I would have to get my paws on this Plush hehe!
She looks so funny !I cant help but smile looking at her and laugh a little! Do you have a Hello Kitty that makes you laugh,Was it something you bought on a fun trip? Or some one bought it for you?
I think its nice to get something that makes you smile or laugh even if its a Hello Kitty with a moustache. Right? 
Till my next post!

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