Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Neon colours and HK faces

Hello Kawaii Blush fan's and Hello Kitty lovers.How is your week going?
My  Weekend was much more interesting that my week so far. Its al  Really dull stuff that is going on.
To the point that its to dull to even blog about and even if its dull am not getting much time to blog and its so annoying (>.<)#*£$%
I am trying to do everything at once. So I took a brake and went looking for some nice Kitty stuff and even looked to see if there was any thing that would cheer me up. I try my best to be magical Tartan-san and do everything with my Kawaii powers but am not doing very well.

So Sad.
But this Sanrio range of Neon Kitty Stuff has cheered me up!
Look how bright and cute her outfit and bow is.
And that little star!
Kawaii ne?!

I need to hug this Hello Kitty!

Stationary goodness! Kawaii.
There is a small range of this stuff its so cute and fun looking with all those crazy colours!
The other range of items are mostly Handbags and all are black with the red big bow that Hello Kitty wears and it seems to used be her eyes, nose and whiskers that you can see on the back. Is Hello Kitty playing hide and seek with us?!


What a great simple yet cute Back pack and drawstring bag too!!

oh!- I sure like this style of bag it would be great for using every day with a touch of hello kitty too!

Shoulder bags are great too!

I love this simple yet effective design of Hello Kitty it looks mature and cute,I feel sometimes I have to have a mature looking bag but I like to have Hello Kitty with me all the time!
(>.<) Heh heh!
I hope to that that bag I like, comes over to be sold in the UK Its very simple and I am very found of Black Hello Kitty stuff, I think its elegant!

Which one do you like best?


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