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Kawaii Blush

Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer HK Fruits!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's! How are you all ? Did you have a nice weekend?!

It was a lovely weekend for me-I went on a family day out and had lots of fun. I really like the nice weather it makes me feel great! \(^o^)/
I hope good weather makes you feel great too.

Know the weekend is over am working very hard with many things but I had to go check about Sanrio .To see if there was any new Hello Kitty items.That I wanted to show you!The newest and juicy looking Plushes that have come out at the Fruit plush,The are very cute and its Hello Kitty dressed up as a fresh looking and adorable Fruit! What a cute idea! I have a few of the older Hello Kitty's who are dressed up as strawberry s! I love Strawberry's! oh yummy!

In summer I love to eat lots of Strawberry's and ice-cream.yum!

So when I found these cuties I fell in love with them. I really can not pick the one I like they are so cute and adorable!
Would you like to see them?
I sure bet you want to see them!
These are just perfect for summer time and for adding your collection- waaah I want them all!

This is the Strawberry one! Yum yum she is so sweet
(^_~)  I think her outfit looks more like night wear outfits hehe!

This is the Apple one she is so cute I adore her...(>.<) some one buy them all for me!!
She look so cute!

Yum Yum Melon!!!
Mouthwatering Hello Kitty!

A watermelon one too soo adorable!!!! 

And finally the cutie of a Orange plush..Oh waah! I love them so much!
What other fruits should Hello Kitty do?! What about a cherry or a blueberry! I bet Hello Kitty would look cute in any fruity outfit!
Which one do you like the best? I love the Strawberry Apple and Watermelon because they are so bright and colourful!


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