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Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Cafe's!

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's!
How are you all today?Are you up to anything nice, This week has passed really fast. I feeling really hungry and need some thing yummy to snack on. I really want to go to a Hello Kitty Cafe. (^_^)
We do not have any thing as cute as a Hello Kitty Cafe. We do have tea rooms and such but they are not very Kawaii or over the top. (T^T)
I think what sets the Hello Kitty Cafes apart is the fact everything is so cute!

There are a few dotted all over the world.
Some of them look so cute on the outside and inside too.
Most of them have a Pink and white colour way and everything is Hello Kitty themed. I so wish very much that I could go to such a cute Cafe!! (^_^)v

The Chairs, the tables, every thing has some kind of touch of Hello Kitty.
Everything is so cute looking and magic!
Even the staff are dressed up in cute pink and often maid outfits. That match in with all the kawaii-ness in the cafe! so cute!
And it is not just the place and the staff that look adorable.


Even the cup, cutlery and some of the other objects have been given a Hello Kitty make over.
Every thing is pretty and presented so well.

Every thing on the menus have the touch of Hello Kitty-ness added them from shaped Hello Kitty faces to Her famouse bow being everywhere ,Bright colours and pretty things all over. Everything sure do look very yummy indeed! Ah! My mouth is watering! teehee!

Kitty hot Drink any one?!
Have any of you J-grab fans been to a Hello Kitty cafe or anything like it where you live? Did you have lots of fun,Did you get any cute photos? I would really to see them all! I would love to go to a Hello Kitty cafe with you all one day! How cool would that be!?
I wish so hard that there would be a Hello Kitty Cafe near me! I would be there every day! hehe!

Tartan -san


  1. Such a coll place. Where is it located?

  2. They are located in different parts of the world such as Korea and China


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