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Kawaii Blush

Friday, June 7, 2013

Swimmy Kitty!

Hello Kawaii Blushie Kitty fan's!
Its officially summer here where I am...okay in Scotland its cold very cold but we have been blessed with sunshine and as soon as the sun comes out (>.<), We all go from winter woollies to tank tops and shorts with in 5 seconds..Why?! Because the sun and ''summer'' does not last long in Scotland! haha! (0.o)
Before you know it every Garden has a paddling pool out, the washing out on the line and the smell of BBQ's ride on the faint wind.You maybe lucky and get a few days or a week,That is our summer summed up and if you miss have missed it all. (T^T)
so sad.

However I thought it would be super cute to look for some Hello Kitty summer things like swimsuits and pool fun items!

Hello Kitty loves to catch some summer time fun in the sun!

Your gona need a few thing for the swimming pool! 
Such as your Hello Kitty Beach/Pool Towel and Swim suit!!

Of course you may want to be really cool and kawaii with these Hello Kitty swimming eye goggles!

Oh and dont forget for those who cant swim! You will want to have cute Arm air bands!

Or a rubber ring or both!?

The rubber ring is so cute! 
I think paddling pools are so much fun for every one in the warm weather so what is more Kawaii than a Hello Kitty Themed one! Hai!

All these things are so cute and look like so much fun. I think this float has to be the best of everything I have found!

Ah what it would be like to lay on this with a cool drink in my Hello Kitty glass and straw with some cool shades and a very cute swimsuit on, floating about in a Hello Kitty themed swimming pool with the sun beating down on me~Day dreams!! (n.n) Oh how nice would it be?!

We can all day dream right!?!
Have a great day Kawaii Kitty cuties!


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  1. I love those goggles!

    You summed our summer up perfectly! I have been trying to make the most of it also, that much so I have sunstroke. Boo! :-(


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