Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kitty Products Reviewed!

Hello Kawaii blush fans I have a treat for you all- I hope you all like this!
I was very lucky to be sent some items along with a order of mine from a place called Kawaii Deluxe and they are all Hello Kitty Themed!
Kawaii ne!? (^_^)v
I Have done a video but its currently needed edited and made into some thing very cute, so I will right about my products here for you all!
I got my items today and I was so happy to  have them, I got the most adorable looking Kawaii Deco den style and pre glued nails,Oh they are very so pretty and so cute!
I love the 3D look you get from them and they are in a pink colour way soo pretty and easy to use!

I hope you all like them too! Can you see all the sweet and adorable details?
I also got some Kawaii Hello Kitty Face Masks!
I never used these before they are so cute!
They have a scent or a hint of rose to them and I was so excited putting them on.
(>.<) My face felt so nice and refreshed after having my mask on and soo soo soft. I bet Hello Kitty uses these all the time too! 

Everything is so pink and kawaii
I also got a very cute lip tint,its like a liquid that stains your lips a colour and this one was very cute and very smooth on my lips.
I like how it was very moistening on my lips and didn't dry them out ! I got it in the hot pink shade and I would buy a other one right know its that good! I love the colour and its so cute!

Its so pretty. I Imagen that this would be the shade that Hello Kitty would wear!
So if you want to be just like me I got all these things from Kawaii Deluxe!
What can you see that you like best?
Who else loves these Hello Kitty nails too!!!

Tartan-san xox

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