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Monday, June 24, 2013


Hello Kawaii Blush Fans's How are you all today?
I wanted to try some Kawaii Make-up and show you all how I do ry my own make-up to make me look super Kawaii! I like to make my eyes look bright and Dolly like,Its a very Cute trend and look!
So I wanted to show you. (^_^)v

Heheh I hope you will maybe try a similar cute style!

I have got here for you 2 looks one by video and other by photos I hope you give them a try!
I was inspired by the make up how-to's that you get in the Japanese magazines and scan ins that you can find on Tumblr. I love to look at these for ideas and be inspired by Kawaii looks and trends! I could look at these all day hehe! (^_^)v
What styles do you like?

This one is Eye make up! Simple light colours and eye-liner to shape my eyes so they look bigger and Kawaii!I love Dolly eyes!  They make you look like a doll and a youthful look about you!
What is Kawaii and trendy is rose bud lips too! They remind me of strawberry's and small baby roses!
Do you think i could pass as one of those Kawaii models too?

Kawaii- Hello Kitty also likes to have big fluttery eyes too!She is looking very pink and sparkly!
Hello Kitty looks so cute in make up as well! Did you know you can get Hello Kitty Eyelashes!

Too cute!
The other Look want to show you is a other kawaii one that reminds me of pastel colours and spring and I filmed it for you , However it is very long- (T^T) so sorry about that but it takes time to put on the make up and I like to make it perfect hehe! Playing with make up is also so much fun!Here is the photo of the look I made.
I hope you like the video!!

Do you all want to see more Make-up and fashion topics to be covered at Kawaii Blush leave me a comment of what you want to see!!

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