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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hello Kitty Re-ment

Hello Kawaii Blush Fan's! 

How are you all today?! Have you been up to anything nice this week? (^_^)
Have you ever come across Re-ment miniatures? They are like tiny versions of more a less anything and everything! They are very detailed.Some people collect them, others use them for Doll houses and BJD's. 
I think they maybe very popular with those who have dolls and such but I find them soo cute and even more cute when I discovered Kawaii Hello Kitty ones!

Yes that's right Hello Kitty ones! Yay \(^V^)/ I think there it lots of designs I have some Japanese Food/Snacks Hello Kitty ones.


Don't they look so cute I think these one are those cute Charms.

There is even a cute Bakery set with tiny little bread and buns with a Hello Kitty design.

Look at this full set made up and how well its displayed!

Look at all these Hello Kitty style Kitchen items made so tiny! Aww just so cute! I would so use them with the Dolls I have. I bet they are about the right size for them hehe!

You can get them as Stationary too!

There is even Sushi miniatures! hehe!
Hello Kitty is not the only Kawaii character who has got such cute mini items Rilakkuma a other loved character from Japan have some too!

Cute huh?!
I wonder if these cost a lot to collect them all? Do any of you have any of these I know form my
own set they are very small and I would love to see if you have any of the sets or if you have a complete set , you should share them on the facebook page . I really would like to see them.
What other kinds of Hello Kitty or even non Hello Kitty stuff would you like to see?
Are there any topics or other Kawaii things you would like me to cover next?
I cant wait to get your feed back (^_^)v

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