Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kawaii Hair Styles.

Hi-Hi every one, Hope you are all doing well and having a wonderful day.
(^_^) V
Kawaii Hair styles and wigs are one of the other things I love. Its my must have number one thing about being a Kawaii representative/spokes model!
I love cute hair and styles.I see a lot come up on my Facebook news feed, they are very inspiring. My own hair its very short,so I wear a lot of wigs.
I started thinking about wigs after dealing with the fact that I can not dye my hair in any way or form.(T^T) 
I was so upset about this.
I am very sensitive to the chemicals that are sure for dying my hair that it put me in hospital.
Which put me in a pickle, as back then I was a hairdresser.I was working with dyes all the time.Anyhow after giving up being a hairdresser and my dream to be a Celebrity Hairdresser .
After searching the topic on the internet I soon found out,  I was not the only person in the world that was allergic to Hair dye and I stumbled upon one person who became a huge inspiration was a Model who happen to run a Online wig-shop.
I had bought a cheep wig off of a other shopping service in the past but it was very itchy and tangled up with in a few hours of wearing it. So I picked a clip in pony tail from the Online wig shop, something at the time I could clip into my own hair. It was after seeing the other wigs and the pretty photos of the wigs that made me take the jump to get a full head wig. I was so excited. After buying one I was hooked! (*^_^*) 
I started to buy the wigs that were coloured , like the colours you would get if you had been into a top salon. These are a few snaps of my pretty wigs. 

This wig the short one with a bright cherry pink shade ,Is the one wig I use a lot,its short enough to be super cute and can be worn with out me worrying about long hair but its the shade of colour I love most about it. Its so cheerful and bright.

This is a long curly wig of mine that is dark shade of auburn,I actually cut the wig and made it so that it have bangs/a fringe.I don't normal like having bangs/a fringe but this colour can pulled it off.

This wig is super long and wavy like a mermaids hair,Its also in a very pretty shade of honey which makes it look very glamour's like.

The other wig is a curly one again,(My own hair is not curly at all .)This one is bright Platinum Blonde that fades into a very cute pink,This Style is a lot of fun!

This style is a 2 tone spilt shade,Its very pretty I like having the 2 shades that blend in so well together.
This is one of my older wigs.

When I wear a wig-they are so much fun and cute,With the wigs you can even do buns or pony tails with them. 
How Kawaii (^_^) !!
Not only that they can complement and work with any outfit what ever it may be. I like to wear my wigs most days and more so if I am to attend an event or with a few friends to go out for a girly night. I like to surprise every one with a new wig to keep them guessing too
I am thinking about getting a new wig and wonder if any one wants to help me pick a new pretty style.
I have narrowed it down to 2 wigs that I would be able to buy but picking can be so hard with them being ever so pretty (*o*)
Do you think you would like to help me with this?
I have a other wig that I want to show you all real soon  that is on order that I hope to show you it real soon!

Till later 
Tartan- san

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  1. Are those pink wayfarer glasses real?


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