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Kawaii Blush

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Hello Kitty goodies

Hello Kawaii Blush fans!
I hope you all had a great and super fun weekend!
Did you do anything nice?
Last week I dint get  much of a change to blog about some new items I have added to my Hello Kitty collection! (T^T) But its okay as today I shall. Yay!
Some of my Kitty's have been boxed up and put away as am selling my house,(you may have seen me mention it before.) So displaying the house I had to remove my Kitty...So Sad! But there is a problem.(>.<) There is to much free space where my collection was...and I may have already started to fill up the space with...NEW HELLO KITTY!!!! 
Teehee! whoops!(0w0)

Also Every one has been asking me since it is only a week to my birthday what to buy me...So I said lots and lots of Hello Kitty goodies!!!....hmmm I think I may have to put more packed away teehee (^_^)v Wow I can no believe that it will be my birthday next week!!! How Exciting!
So with out ranting on and on , Lets have a look at me new Kawaii Kittys... HAI!!!
The newest thing I got was this new bag!

This is a Toki Doki X Hello Kitty bag!
Look at the detail on the Bag Charms- So Cute!

I love all the little details and colours.

Even Toki Doki Kitty is happy to have a matching bag!

I do have a matching Hoodie but You cant see it cause my bag is claiming all the glory haha!
I also got a few other Hello Kitty items in the post due to arrive next week- I really cant get enough of Hello Kitty!
But I will show you my new tights I got in the post about 2 weeks ago I didn't want to post much about them until I had worn them.
You are all going to love these Tights hehe! I may do a review for you all about them??

This is them in the packet- KAWAII!!

This is them on! 
So cool! I love these tights! (*^_^*) The go with a lot of my own outfits from Lolita to Causal.
They are so much fun to wear too.
They have a pink kitty paw in both soles of the feet.
One leg has Hello Kittys Face and the other one has ''Kitty'' and a pink  paw next to it!

What do you think of my new goodies!?


  1. Ok.I was in the tokidoki website and there is NOTHING like this bag... T_T
    Can u tell me from where did u get it?

  2. It maybe because its a old bag and style collaboration. Which maybe why its not on the Website. I sourced this bag form pinkoholic.


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