Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Sunday, February 17, 2013

It's Give away Time

Oh my goodness, we are far to good to you!
We have reached over 202,000+ fans on our J-Grab fan page, Thank you all soo much!


Love you guys so much, so keep it all Kawaii and thank you we are doing a other Give-away! 

Want to see some of our Prize?These are so fantastic!

How super cute and Kitty-tastic
Want to know how to Enter our Give away?! Well of course you do!
Follow the link below and complete all the entry tasks and its that easy and find the codes here on the Blog
J-Grab Give-away Link HERE!
Give away Codes!

 If your Facebook name starts with 

A-E use the word 'Hello'-( your age)-( your country) in your code
 F-J use 'Kitty'-(age)-(country) in your code
K-O use 'JGrab'-(age)-(country) in your code
 P-Z use 'kawaii'-(age)-(country) in your code
For example : (Tartan) would be ''Kawaii 26 Scotland'' in the code

Am so super excited about this- I love to see winners with their Prizes and how happy they look.

Give-aways are just so much fun and you all have to take part okay?!
Dont forget to follow the blog every one and keep up with my kawaii kitty fun.


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