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Kawaii Blush

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Kitty Kawaii Toys for Little ones.

Hello my pretty J-Grabber Kawaii Blush fans!
I have been so busy putting ideas together for the Blog and this post is one close to my heart, because I am a 'Muma' and my daughter LOVES Hello Kitty, maybe as much as I love Hello Kitty.
Her second word she could say was 'Kitty'.
Whoa! (0.o)
So I wanted to devote a post of Kawaii Kitty Toys that I would or have bought for my Hello Kitty Princess.
Her nickname is Chibi Bean by the way.
She turned 2 years old last year on Christmas day. So you can imagen the amount of gifts that are to be opened, Christmas and Birthday gifts and guess what most of them are themed on. Yup Hello Kitty!

I was not sure if Chibi bean was going to be a girl or not,but once she was born she was showered with Hello Kitty items and am gutted that I didn't buy other Hello kitty themed items.
I will be using stock photos of the things I got for her in the past.

I got this for Chibi bean as her 1st Hello Kitty!
she is a bit old for it these days but she has it on a shelf in her room.
Its so cute and soft.

A sweet rattle toy.

This is a great toy, A singing and learning toy with ABC and 123,it lights up and is still a loved and used toy in the house, Actually we have 2 of these!
Moving up to more grown up toys for toddlers and small little ones the range of toys grows!
Chibi Bean has al ot of Hello kitty books and toys one thing she has is a Hello Kitty Kitchen with all the bells and whistles on it,Even a toy cake mixer with Hello Kitty's face on it!
She spends hours playing and making play time cups of tea and cake.

Lets have a look at some of the other cool toys that Hello Kitty has for sale.
And I will have to start making Chibi bean a wishlist if she see's this Blog post hehe!

There are so many kinds of play sets 

This one above is so sweet it has all of Hello Kittys Family to play with,and Kitty and her family are super soft to touch.

Know this looks so cute and I bet any little girl (and boy) would love to play house's with this Hello Kitty Wendy house!

Wow so cute,Oh my Hello kitty desk and colouring in what a great idea!
I know Chibi bean would love this!

What Hello Kitty CHESS!?
I would learn to play it if this was my Chess set!
This maybe for other older children, But its so so Kawaii!
There is even Hello Kitty Logo Blocks!
Wow there is just so much Hello Kitty Toys, I would be here forever trying to list everything for you!
Do you have a Hello kitty toy that you play with or you child likes to use all the time?
You should share it on our J-Grab fan page we would love to see it.
Can you think of any other Hello Kitty toy's?

Till next time!

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