Kawaii Blush

Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Hello Kitty Valentines Day ~

Valentines Day is sweet in itself but it can Kawaii too!
What are the things you think of when you think of Valentines Day?
I think of, lots of yummy chocolate and Flowers But lets see what other things that can make your Valentines day Kawaii.
I like to be sent flowers on Valentines day.
I think,  I have been a very lucky girl to get some each year.
But what would make a bunch of flowers even more Kawaii ? It would have to be these Hello Kitty Flower I have found on the internet!
They are just the sweetest looking flowers!?

Chocolate,  is a big thing on Valentines day you would think after all the Christmas and New Year holidays that we would not want any more of the sweet stuff, So I have found some Kawaii ideas instead of the normal chocolates.

Look, at these lush and very mouth watering cupcakes! 
oh my they look oh so very yummy...^-^
They look like the most perfect looking , rose cupcake's in the world .  I would not want to eat them because the are just so pretty!

Oh ,and if flowers are not Kawaii for you then check this Bento box art.

I love how the food is pink -its a great idea and a nice change from the normal right!?
The Bento box is really cute too!

Some get only cards on Valentines day but I like the idea of something hand made.
  I have always found  with my fondness of Origami very pretty and thoughtful.
 So I found a nice and easy, How-to image for you all to make your own  Kawaii heart for secret admirers and loved ones to confess your love too.

They are so sweet.

Valentines day can be for other loved ones like your family and friends too,Why not give them a small token  of you love on valentines day as well!
Even more so, when its Kawaii!

I really like it when I get a bunch of flowers ,but more so when there is a gift with them as well.
Even though flowers are nice to get and look pretty there is nothing better than a long lasting gift.
So what about a Hello kitty one with a love theme?

These are so Kawaii!
 Valentine Kitty's that are found and shown on the internet!
*Grabby Hands*

I want then all!

(*o*) So Much Kawaii Kittys!
Would you like to see what I got for Valentines day?
I will post up up some photos if I am lucky to be showered in gifts!
I love to see what you all get too.

Hope you all have a wonderful and Kawaii Valentines Day when it comes around!


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