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Kawaii Blush

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hello Kitty Kitchen

Hello every one.
 I hope you all have been well and been treating yourselves to some New Hello Kitty's.(^_^)
I have been unwell and lots have been going on in my house. I am doing up the Kitchen as the one we have is super old. So know that we have a brand new modern looking kitchen , But it is lacking something... Maybe a bit of some Kawaii Magic?
So I went looking for some ideas and when I think of cute kitchens I think of 1st Hello Kitty and Cupcakes!(n,n)
Then I saw some great ideas and Hello Kitty Kitchen-wear!
Check this out for inspiration.

But I don't have anything as cute as all of these,I did not think of looking at Hello Kitty Kitchen stuff before, am shocked at my self.
So naturally I started having a looking at all the Hello Kitty Kitchen things that are available.
I mean a bit of Hello Kitty will not do any harm in my new Kitchen...
What about Hello Kitty appliances?

There is so much kitchen stuff,from Dinner sets and tea cup sets to cutlery.
Not to mention other things like aprons, oven mitts and dish towels.

Wow, There is just so much!
I really am thinking about adding a little cuteness to the Kitchen but with all this Hello Kitty Kitchen stuff, Where on earth would I start and would it be a idea to have it all Kitty?!
Do any of you have anything in the Kitchen that is Hello Kitty?
I would love to see it!
I do love the White and Pinks colour ways and I think the pots and pans are so cute.
Oh, Oh, but I also love this because I adore Cupcakes so I will show you this cute and I mean cute cupcake stand.

Oh know I just want to have some yummy cupcakes...
Nom Noms!

Till next time,
Tartan- san.

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