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Kawaii Blush

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Bedroom's

Hi-Hi Kawaii Blush readers and Kitty Lovers.

I wanted to share with you some Hello Kitty Bedroom ideas- Since we are all Kitty fans here!
My bedroom ,is where most of my Hello Kitty's stay. ^_^ He-He
In the House it is the biggest room, so naturally my Hello Kitty's are kept there!
My collection keeps on growing and am looking for new kitty's all the time.I think it should be a paid job looking for Hello Kitty.
Don't you? (o.O)

So anyway lets look at some Kawaii Kitty Bedroom ideas -That I myself maybe giving into the temptation of so much Kawaii!
Did I tell you that I almost have the Kitchen done up?! Well soon as its done up I will post a photo for you all to see,that some how...Hello Kitty may have crept into the Kitchen. -whoops?!

I saw this Kawaii yet grown up looking Bed sheets that look very Vintage that may have found its way to my heart for  my own bedroom tee hee - What do you think? Kawaii ne.

Or for those who like thinks more kawaii...

Adding Plushes and cushions to the bedroom are easy to make your bedrooms Kitty-tastic.
Painting your room can make it look very Hello Kitty with the colours Pink and White check out some of these rooms and ideas!

This is so cute and girly!
or more mature take this for inspiration.

How awesome are these Hello Kitty style mirrors, I love these so much, but I bet these would be hard to clean hehe!

What about a Hello Kitty Rug to step on to every morning and feel ready to take on the day?
How super soft does it look?


And check out this super lush looking head board,Know that is so pretty.
I think I would get in lots of trouble is I set my bedroom up like any of the above....
There is just so *MUCH* I have barely touched on the smaller items of detail to add to your bedrooms,Likes of Lamps, Lights,Clocks ,Bins ,Photos and Pictures.
I do think it could be done as a DIY job too if you are a crafty person .
These are some of my Bedroom Photos of Kitty-ness.

When I want to show off my kitty's I like to have most of them on my bed!

When they are not on my bed most live on shelfs.

My Bed with pinks and pastels and Hello Kitty Cushions and Huge Princess Kitty.

Yes this is my Very own Hello Kitty Chair.Next to my make up table.

And my Hello Kitty Rug with some other Kitty's Toys.More about those in a other upcoming post!
Oh and remember when I said I would tell you about the Cupid Hello Kitty?
Well it came in the post today and I can say YES it is a shade of pink.
She is so cute- I will get photos of her and my new kitty's that I have on order in up coming blog posts!
Your all gona love them!
Till next time.

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